Significant & Important Politically at this point in Mankind.
To understand this here...


By DREADFULLY High Cost IN EXCESS Secret Taxes. Police Bullets, lives lost, Macrons Victims. All men. Arise Brothers. Let us not be so Deceived. Will a feminist die defending your womenfolk? No, they eliminate babies. Will a Greenie die for your children; though they kill populations, in a kind of ethnic cleansing of all white people, right? End Feminism. Doing nothing at all for babies, children, education, work, jobs, the future. Our boys, sons and daughters drowning; drugged by their barren & poisonous propaganda. Education is not nurture; the indulgence of barren women. Who gave them the rights to molest their minds as well? Creating a vacuous demographic timebomb to destroy all heterosexual love, lovers, boys & girls, sex, procreation, families, relations, marriage, children, extended families, identity, gens, population, economic growth, the future of clans and communities. The utter destruction of all our shared civilization. Feminism, the cause of every cultural chaos.

The Nanny State has to die. It is already dead: crushing us all in the vice grip of debts and taxes. Thousands of Taxes; millions of petty rules, regulations and unlivable laws.Thought crimes, speech crimes; guilty by accusation. Just as in 1984. Big Brother? No it is Bigger Uglier Sister. 1984 is exactly their playbook. Who needs Predictive crime unit as in Minority Report; when you have feminism and #metoo? Guilt by Gossip and innuendo. Trial by untrusted Main Stream Media. And other lying Government organs.
Tax that operates like compound EMOTIONAL fees, charges and built-in laws, TO EXCESS:
Destroying ALL RELATIONSHIPS, ruining court sponsored childhoods, killing children, causing suicide, the death culture and hiding the triggers IN irrelevant 'red-herring' style media distractions, like GENDER CONFUSION propaganda for millions of communities & individuals Worldwide.
Men once could afford two cars on an average wage; think themselves 'middle class', had holiday cabins, bachs, huts, chalet; drew a caravan or a boat to the lake or beach, could hop across the road, leaving one job and taking another largely unmolested by government, as were their kids; would have four or five children or more-think nothing of it, pay off their house by forty five; build a two car garage or workshop, update the kitchen every twenty years, live a stable, honest and regular life barely giving a thought to politics or politicians (they interfered so little in our lives) paid taxes and bills easily, saved money and had few bad habits. Then along came the death culture; feminism with abortion, demographic ethnic cleansing, and the 'reserve army of the unemployed', drove down wages with it to a quarter eventually of what they were, created fake government jobs and rules to control everyone to an anxious aged old survelliance society. In case the men object to their enslavement. Or that anyone noticed how few of the above things were now obtainable by anyone; including aforesaid duped women. So that 'equality' means being just above level with men at a quarter of their former wages and salaries. Do the math. Equality really means sort of level with men at a fourth of their former income. So both men and women combined in unholy unmatrimony, now added together yet not coupled up, have half what they formerly could secure. Under Patriarchy lady you could have kids, grandchildren and a home, a future (comes with the kids who grow up to become, in their turn,'economic units', actors in life and in the economy as real persons and truly awake persons). Ask yourself where did the other half of your money go? To the top ten percenters of course; where else? The old divide and conquer strategy; works every time. lady; you've been had. Done over real good. Feminism was deliberate. Who promoted it? Housewives?
Really wake up this time; then you'll be with the men. Smart woman.
Others can find no way out. Liberals only desire to talk about WEIRDNESS and false compassion, as long as it they who do the talking. This is the liberal way of empty rhetoric, 'virtue signalling' and hypocrisy. No liberal will hear the legitimate cry of ones who ARE TRULY OTHER TO LIBERALS (this is real tolerance- once one of liberalisms finest values- rendered peculiar and strange by a preference for favouring groups that annoyed everyone else), yet are not theoretical OR fashionably relevant  For the displaced majority will now neither defend nor protect the culture or the individuals who consistently did this to them in a vain and foolish spasmodic reach for moral superiority. The time for political failures is over; fungible needs are too limited in debt ridden governance. The age of political reality and legitimate pragmatism has begun.
 This is the source and essence TOO of Populist Protest. And the argument, from those experiencing unfair tax regimes, of the users experiences of what could be called tax inequality; is the underlying political and economic basis for this international movement creating a massive, logical, shift to the masculist wing in politics. And if men are not given preeminance in the political culture; no women will be defended except fertile child bearing women; we cannot afford mens lives wasted upon spurious gender claims and  viler outcomes that are collectively a spelling of dreadful demographic doom for that culture. If we gain nothing from it except feminist insults why root for anything too but its destruction. Men have nothing to gain by its continuance. Everything by virtue of any threats whatever to it. There what is our logical interest but in a militant and military revival; even a coup, putsch or takeover. What else is there. Give us real empowerment or nothing at all will happen from us in its defences. Note that there are none who do; except the recourse to spouting olde slogans and empty propaganda from the twentieth century fiasco. The twenty first century belongs to men; or no one at all to preserve the West; The hope of all our dreams. The container and envelope of all our former possibilities; Apple has folded. Wall street will crash. Driven there more by socialist debt than any foolish thing a blind capitalism has done. So Woke eh? they're a joke eh? Aye and more silliness besides coming down the pike like AOC, Allesandrio Octavio, the brain dead unfungible Cortez. Spouting ready made boiler plate tropes from a tired un-tiara'd herstory that is tainted at souce with blood and the guts of men. Nonsence by the spieling truckload.
Thus, is now inevitable a destiny for countries, trying to escape the inevitable fate of all believing in nanny state feminised; and socialist cultural economies: cultural poverty, mens impoverishment and feminists inevitable collapse.

The miserable WOMEN'S hoax is over. We cannot support it.
As you will not let us benefit in any way. Nothing for men. So. The end.


2. The Yellow Vests.
Piled Higher with Invisible & Covert Taxes.
Tax that operates like compound interest in reverse:
Destroying small business, ruining families and
viciously killing the future for millions of individuals Worldwide.
They can find no way out. Liberals only desire to talk about compassion and care, as long as it they who do the talking. This is the liberal way of empty rhetoric, 'virtue signalling' and hypocrisy. No liberal will hear the legitimate cry of ones who exist, yet are not fashionable. The time for political correctness is over; monetary resources are too finite. The age of political reality and pragmatism has begun.

The socialists have abbandoned the workers.
The Labour movement, the trade Unions have abbandoned the working classes; it's all about feminism, gay rights and transgender for these socialist stooges today. Not a thought for the real long term and reliable interests of the jobs, wages or salaries of the worker; only the state worker who oppresses you.
It was so in the Soviet Union too, and in China. Mao and Stalin became the new Number ones; the One-Percenters of the newer 'middle-classes in both the Gulag State and the KGB driven terrorist nomenclatura; they themselves in the Party were the new Tzars of Russia. The workers were slaves, slave labour under an oppressive state regime. It was WORSE than Woody Guthries 'Company Store'; you lived in the state apartment in poky conditions; a stove took decades to arrive and more years to be installed. Life was  horrible. Worse than the west; they lied constantly. Governing by state media  like today. Installing themselves as the new aristocracy; that was the point; they were intellectuals; 'experts' we call them today, never did a days work in their lives; naturally favouring all the talentless members of their own class. They despised the workers. They openly sneered at them. They hated the poor. The poor peasents were slaughtered in their millions by these ghoullish politicos. The most evil, deepest dyed monsters ever. They relished torture. A man with lip deep ideals and utopias is a manic eyed fanatic for death when it all goes to custard. His mad veangance is a tantrum terrible to behold.
 This is the source and essence of French Protest. And the argument, from those experiencing unfair tax regimes, of the users experiences of what could be called tax inequality; is the underlying political and economic basis for this international movement creating a massive, logical, shift to the right wing in politics. This is now inevitable for countries trying to escape the inevitable fate of all socialist economies: poverty, impoverishment and inevitable collapse.
The miserable socialist experiment is over.
It forces people and nations into poverty. Even tax poverty. For, as the taxes rise to pay for such rhetorical 'kindness', the rich leave, ceasing all activity and investments. In a digital age it is almost impossible to sieze financial assets. Thus the tax receipts; the robbed and stolen income from hard working people-reduces massively; activity ends or stops altogether and a radical poverty ensues as in Venezuela, Cuba, Zimbabwe and other marginal socialist rogue economies; all with major civil rights abuses. Capitalism may be evil but Socialism has a far worse record by a long way on all fronts; there are no gay-rights, green movements, or rights for women in these impoverished and emisserated socialist failures. Socialist evil can be measured in the piles of dead bodies as well as piled-on taxes. The Four Hundred Million from all socialist economies in the twentieth centuries failed experiment with all forms of communo/ socialistic/welfare-ist/big Statism; notably Russia and China, some twenty millions of which were prior to WW2 (and could feasibly be said to Justify Hitlers pre-emptive war with Russia anyway) and with Pol Pots Cambodia included, easily outweighs that from 'the Alt Right' at merely 25 millions, mostly from the second world war. There are virtually no socialist successes.  The recent renaissance in Chinese 'Capitalism' , now ended by the elimination of one million Chinese dissidents, in a new Chinese dictatorship, was financed formerly, in the past, by largely Taiwanese money. As was Russia's Revolution by American Jewish money via the Warburgs. Those communist apartment blocks you see in pictures of 1924 Moscow today? Built by an American-Russian consortium. All those grand bucket excavators you see in Soviet propaganda; and almost all factory machines you see of Lenin or Stalins success; mostly built in America; as was the Worlds largest truck factory in Gorky, building Ford trucks under licence. It was always a total propaganda illusion; never a reality, the reality was a nightmare of slavery, in the Communist-Socialist Gulag system of political prisoners. Far, FAR worse than GitMo by a millionfold!  Created by the mad theoretical intelligencia again, hiding-out in super-Capitalist Switzerland! What massive cowards. Creepy creeping Communism; a failure by any other named disaster. Yet finances New Zealand socialist parties today from overseas. Treasonous finances. The Scandanavian 'socialised' countries are aggresively capitalist in nature with an affordable 'frosting' coat of welfare measures. Capitalism is by far the best economic system thus far to afford these going forward: There may be better systems economically which I explore at the end of my article on Tax Fodder destructions. For Capitalism has too its faults arising from its proven successes. Tax Fodder ideology itself being an overlay of welfare based excess veering toward matriarchal economics (for it favours fake government jobs for women and other anti-male ideas) in a psuedo socialist enterprise, which cannot possible succeed.  Known as Marxist-Feminism. It is this stupid brute we must destroy. It belongs only to the backward twentieth century as one of its mightiest failures, miring millions in semi-permanent poverty and backwardness. The analysis below further heightens this message technically; as it shows that TAX FODDER usage of people at rates three times that of bank usury is the real problem in male households and family finances. The big state functions as a huge monopoly corporation, captured by special interests, having little or nothing to do with the real interests of the majority of the people. They bear down paticularly hard on the growing politics of male gender identity and consciousness. This is the majority of men. Down with elite small minded interests. Go forward with upbeat and positive, populist common sense initiatives favouring all men. I hope that that is the direction taken by France.This article argues why that has to be so at this time in history; millions have already made the move in Hungary, Poland, Brazil, Italy, Iceland and in the USA. It is only recently I have noticed the connection between the formerly suffered and still ongoing , foolishly self destructive (abstract examples of which can be seen in this essay), high tax rates so excessive I call it Tax Fodder material; and that of the political situation worldwide rising up to end it. This is something we must do for our sons and daughters and our grandchildren no matter what. This left-wing and totalitarian trade-union driven, cultural confusion and chaos cannot continue. Patriarchy is way better than a lying matriarchy. Even the overarching safety of our real sisters, wives, mothers and girlfriends.

"My worker pays more TAX than I do"

                                                      -- Warren Buffet

 By that he means proportionately; percentages of excess tax must be reduced by the same degree of percentage. Fixed amounts are washed away in an ocean of inflooding inflation; which is also a tax! So that the refusal to support fictitious taxes from purely theoretical models is not empirical science but merely airy-fairy current hogwash, masquerading as reality; over 60,000 distinguished scientists have also publically demurred. Scientists have thouroughly denied its effective existence as human caused; practical people like tradesmen, technicians, laboratory workers, junior scientists, working scientists and many well qualified teachers, readers, knowledgeable persons, engineers, mathematicians agree with them; the so-called 'science' is wonky: they too are never swayed by rote model arguments untested in the earthy and feisty world.

From Marie Antoinettes '... let them eat cake'.... to ...."Wanting Cake, and to Eat it Also" ... of today.

 A newer , more pernicious Aristocracy has dismally arisen. The political classes of politicians and high Government officials.

It CANNOT BE DONE-------- Be Fair, First, to They Who Earn the Right.
.... to be fairer .. to the useless; is an insult to those who work.

Moving Beyond MACRONS Tax Heavy
Anti-Male NANNY STATE: unequal, unjust
& sooo too costly.

Therefore, NO, to elitist, 'feel-good' green, purple and useless 'red' legislation. Pay The Worker First.

A New Reality of Hard Working, Long-Suffering & Demographically Large,




From below...Gilets jaunes

... the real proletarian emerges.

The Low level high numbers right to govern with minimal taxes and real rewards for hard work. It is not the leftyiness or rightiness that is corrupting it is the bottomless sucking well of socialism and bueauracracy that ruins revolution.
Maximum freedom comes in limited governance by respected men with affordable full family life encouraged.
Keeping most of the earned income themselves. Not lost in dozens of intrusive imposts, levies, fees and unnecessary charges. These are all taxes that fall heaviest on the poorest. These foolish costs expanded by party promises, required to win office, in Democracy. It is a fault of democracy itself. Let the parties pay for it; let their members pay and no others. This means, the political process must be systemically held accountable. The one percent to pay the taxes that fall on the poorest worker; shirkers to obtain nothing. Pay to play: the new, retrospective politics. Making accountable, for past polical criminals and crimes; in a new series of political courts and political tribunals: a fifth estate in civic life; popular peoples tribunals. Where all the political criminals are all guilty and have no human rights; as they showed none in power, for example, themselves being above it, taxing the least to afford it to their maximum extent. Meanwhile giving themselves huge increases.
Applicable, by all extensions, to all glassy-eyed ideologues, and public monies loving predators everywhere, in all times in all places. Including, so called unbiased, and yet biggoted, international organisations; their members, followers, fans, devotees and deluded supporters and lobbyists. Away with the lot of them!

What the Yellow Vests Could Demand

1. Macron to Resign.  Macron has revealed himself, in this crisis long in coming, as he says himself; yet is his response adequate or antiquated?
 The MEN of the Gilets jaunes show themselves more adept at the economics of poverty than le President for what they ask is for a mingled understanding between taxes and affordability of living. Both are required, and for this we need an honest telling of the story. For instance his disingenuous 'offer' of an extra 100 Euros per month, would, by taxes, be clawed back into his coffers straight away by income and property taxes. Sales taxes and other general inflations would claw back even more. So what we are talking here is of a promisory payment sometime in next May 2019 of a mere 20 to 30 Euros effectively. And he cynically knows this. Of nominal and meaningless value.
 Playing games like this will fool no Frenchman. That he is trying to means he is doomed.
 The protests will come back; and therefore his departure is certain.
In his address he barely mentions the men before him yet adds needless assurances to women- who are hardly visible in the movement at all. Adding corrosive and implausible insults to deeply felt neglect and injury. What is needed is a serious clawback of the proportionate rates of taxes on men into permanent amounts of untaxable certainty for the poorest sectors. Real reform not stodgy palliative and temporary measures.
11. Exit from the Communist UN.
2. New Elections  The END of the Fourth Republic; No buy offs will suffice. Honour Respect for Men, male workers who front up the Yellow Vest protest pleading permanent tax  relief and reductions.
For example...The first 20,000 Euros entirely tax free! Absolute.
12. Prosecution of former EU advocates and functionaries as being against the will of the Fourth Republic
3. FREXIT  Laws decided by non-Frenchmen with no chance whatever of French correction or adjustment?
This is what fuels all exit arrangements for men. As they are the ones paying already for an exorbitantly expensive European Parliament without representation or real power. It is really all a thieving con Job, worthy of no mans allegience.
13. Reform all laws regarding the treatment of the lowest level of poor wage earning/positively contributing Frenchmen.
4. Reform of Tax Laws. Zero taxes for those below the poverty level.  The first 20,000 Euros free of all types and kinds of taxes; like sales taxes or property taxes; from each according to his ability to pay- including Court fines etc.  14. Exit all climate accords. A theory with devastating increases. Ban; Eco-Marxist-Feminism for what it is , a man-hating, special pleading elite, genocidal manaical,  anti-white ethnic cleansing genocide cult. A death cult that hates far more than it loves. Hating virtually all of humanity; excepting that which it has not ever met; and in their gated enclaves never will. Hating all around them, yet 'open' to idealised 'others' so very far away whom they would never actually go and live amongst permanently. These, they say...they would love if YOU welcome them. But DO they? No. They hate the consequences, these spoilt brats ; the theoretical; SJW.
5. Return to a lower Wealth Tax  Waive all tax difficulties for the poor. Reduce the interfering compliance costings of a clumsy beauracracy.  15. Criminalize wearing of masks in protests. Arrest all for hiding their faces; as a crime in itself! Characteristic of the true Fascists; the antifa!
6 Peg tax liability to income and outgoings.  'More Efficient' sounds always like less effective, bloated, padded payrolls to favour ones political class. Macron BS.  16. Make antifa anti-white racists a hate crime. Feminism a hate crime; we are worn out from their fanatical, obsessive lies.
7. Reduce Public Service (They are not demanding this) - not realizing that a bloated Public Service fails all accountability and efficiency tests.    17. Make virtual signalling illegal. Ban SJW's from graduating.
8. Amnesty for Arrested Yellow Vests.    18. Confiscate all accounts belonging to anti-french organizations. As deemed by Yellow Vest.
9 . Prosecutions for Police Brutality: cf Police treatment of two types of protesters in Brussels.  Macrons response is noway fair, just or reasonable; he treats with the collaborationist Trade Unions! Unions who support everything contrary to all working men everywhere!
Do the working men of any nation care one whit for Gays, Lesbians or Feminists? Why would it be in any way in their interests to do so? I cannot see see any reason why the Yellow Vests actually support Trade Unions. The whole point of their protest was that is mainly forgotten white men (but not only white) who had become invisible to Governments everywhere; along with the women who support them.
 Meanwhile Christmas is coming so a break may be needed until well after the holidays. If it lasts all the way through them then we truly do have a major revolution happening.
 19. Creat list of possible demands.
10. Removale of all carbon taxes and subsidies. These people hate the human race. They are united in one thing. Violence in the name of anti-capitalism, anti-white, anti-politically incorrect- all of these are genocidal maniacs; proposing the ethnic cleansing via abortion, euthanasia, snipers on rooftops (Ceaucescu style) , anti-MALE! -the truly worthwhile forgotten people. Who has borne the main brunt of all this; MEN! Men who now overwhelmingly inhabit the emergency slaves garb- the very yellow vest itself!    20. Make popular referenda binding on all Governments.

 HERE's The ARGUMENT in BRIEF. I call these the Social Equations

Dwelling seekers look for the lowest price accomodation.⇒Migrant arrives and helps maintain high property prices⇒ Worker has a Job in the construction Industry⇒Worker receives Income⇒Renter Pays Rent with Land taxes included⇒Landlord Pays Land & Income Tax out of rents received (Her income or Profit)⇒ Government Tax receipts⇒LlANDLORD ORGANIZATIONS AND LARGER CONTRUCTION COMPANIES INVEST BIG IN POLITICAL PARTY COFFERS ⇒Government Builds new Accomodation for Migrant. ... And so it goes on; the Construction industry pulling down cheaper accomodation as it does so...a never ending upward price spiral.
 It will only end when one or other parties stops playing or paying for the game.
You decide.


 The Polical Economy GENDER EQUATION.


The second basic Social Equation of this mens rights website, concerning the Yellow Vest movement, is that those involved are mostly men.
This is extremely significant for France as well, for it is from french Social philosophy that the rights, yet not the responsibilities, of women are primarily espoused (curious word) throughout the world. While omiting the womens side of the equation compared to that of men.
Across that gap the men want sex. From women though the failure to comply decently without gaurantees of being able to sue/accuse the man of any/everything in order to get the house, his money, his kids, his taxes, his job and his very lifeblood in sweat and toil; which is his currency, and his responsibility again, as the breadwinner. All these things are quite traditional; with no apology for this. It is a system of gender arrangements that brought about the enlightenment, and got us all here where we were before today; with stable cultures, low cost government and far lower taxes. Then socialist hell broke loose.
Modern women it is different; maybe giving women the vote is more than just a mistake; but a deeply drawn exertion in order to destroy our famous civilizations. She, today is neglecting to do her part; in having children well above replacement level, in order to ensure an economically viable continuous future future; in security and  stability. It goes without saying that radical leftyism is completely inimicable to those aims; and at base, hers as well. So that by pursuing immediate appeals to current security; the time horizons of women being remarkably short sighted- she is in fact imperilling an apparent lesser immediate security for one that is of a lower order yet infinitely more secure long term.

Mens currency is money; the stored transferable value between men of their dangerous and worthwhile efforts.
Womens currency is community; buzz, Goss, chat, talk and influencing the future through access- during the nurture phase- to the children; no woman is more happy than when performing this function. There have always been in male society exceptions; it does not operate according to some hard-and-fast rule; in Patriarchy it is lightly done.

Women have  REPRODUCTIVE VALUE: therefore the value of clean healthy 'bondable' virgins is the highest value state for women; being peak reproductibility. All men are freely available to her. In contrast to today where she first encounters non-reproducible tribidism and is imprinted (Konrad Lorenz) with that form. Therefore her market value is less and has recourses to cosmetics. Cosmetics being then fake virginity and in a masculist universe much more liable for the highest of all taxes- say 1000% being just- in the things we can consider implied and deeply implicated in this manner of thinking; gender politics from the other side. She is best destined economically in this consideration; and see how strongly perverse is the State in short-circuiting this; to be house-bonded a husband; this is the real wedding band. And an entirely different economics. Mingled in with politics, that is why it is called, in philosophy, Political Economy. Not just 'politics' or 'Economy'- for in gender relations rightly considering all components-future-childhood-happiness-money as different from currency- culture- differents forms and ways of 'influencing the future', - conservation- the ecology of money and gender financial arrangements; the gender too, of politics itself- and business, of finance (cf fiance') matri-money and other thoughts and considerations. Looked at in a newer way. Our literate intelligence on this.

The ruination of access and courtship ritual founders the state.
These are conditions sufficient for total insecurity as well and the seedbed of the current uprising in the Yellow Vests; NOTE: it is not going away!
The answer is not really tax reductions and massive retrenchements of the state apparatus; the state here being every bit as totalitarian as Capitalism. Have you noticed how well in bed together they consort with your wife, girlfriend, lover, sister, mother as if ganging up together against your best interests, both emotionally, sexually and financially; every where the 'Governments' (that cannot Govern their own lust for power) work against you-the-man. It is always against men; never for MEN, often abandoning us when we get to close to naming their political crimes for what they are; crime of the most vile kind; a crime against your childs most happy childhood; that is what they kill best.
In other words Government abuses children. The direct molestation of children by Senior Democrat party leaders is just icing on the cake. To them. The main molestation is on their minds; saying that government is always good. Always has your best interests in mind. Political molestation by pederast groups and cross-party line pedophilia is at the root and cause of poltical parties. Have not a party spirit; these are bully gangs who can see only that their own interests merge with the state. Under this way of seeing political realities economics is mere drudgery in the way of bullying propaganda aimed at young people and adults alike. The goal is human slavery and sacrifice for the theory posing as political correction reality; when as we can see when the state has major financial hiccups that expose the dilemma; they do not have enough funding to fully explore their lustings for the disposable flesh of our children. Such aristocratic lust that Macron arrogantly reveals now in crisis demonstrates the victory of his ruling elites illegal manipulations, predatory molestations and bullying abuses of the French Republic. Government by pedophiles; rules the day for, pedophiliac morons who lust after every mans child. Perverting every mind to their way. Colluding with the Universities of the Infinite Mendacity in order to do so. Science is now another political lie. Why fund it? The Media are liars. Politicians long have lied. Why pay them anything? Fake knowledge, 'concern', fake causes, fake causation, fake policy and fake news alike have all lost us our trust in Big Government. We belief no-one; none greater than ourselves. The president is an anti-french thug who blows off the hands of male French citizens. Let him become, "subject Macron", a toy boy, consigned to the toilet bowls and bidet duties of Corsica!

 The production value of men creates REALITY. Everything you see, literally see around you, is made, physically constructed, deployed and created by men. Phyisical reality involves work. Work is is mass times distance and time. 10 Tonne moved fifty kilometers in one hour ten minutes; this is what men do. Women? One cake made and baked in similar time. But the ingredients, the bowl and the tools and the electric temperature and the oven were all built, installed ao created by men. The cake is nice but really the ninety percent part of its making is done by men. Period. Nice job girls. Very tasty.
And you want equal pay on that basis! No way.

Meanwhile the female radical does not do half of her part yet requires gender perfection from men

A double standard no?
Then, act Mes Amies, act; as your lives too depend upon it.

 FURTHERMORE: The Differences between Real Tax Rates and Income Tax perception is gigantic- therefore unwrapping this deception is a main part of its true understanding'

There are Nine things to look for.
Real Rate of Tax is the sum total of all the taxes below include however the ones, advantageous to the political classes, must be calculated as mitigations missed out on. The point is our legislators impose taxes they themselves never pay. Pure blood boiling hypocrisy.
Visible Taxes are the usual suspects; income and Sales Tax. Not often these are combined. Yet, all here must be combined or considered to obtain the true picture. No wonder they dislike truth. It reveals the political classes as thieves of the highest level of criminality.
Invisible Taxes
The real rate of tax is all the taxes including the invisible accumulations of taxes behind the scenes (more than hidden taxes like dog registration fees, traffic fines and the like).
Visible taxes are the ones that the media recognises; like 'Income tax' they do not 'add-in', as they should all the possible individual taxes- nor do they inform the public of them. The fourth estate has totally failed to act out its true role; full and accurate information. Thus being practically useless, and should prepare to take the blame for economic decisions people have made.
Invisible taxes are the many taxes that media avoid calling taxes because of intellectual laziness. Anything compulsory, coercive (think of 'compelled speech' being a tax on free though- something France was famous for!) going directly to local government, regional government or Federal government; be it town, county or state taxes. Things like water taxes, or charges; property taxes; or fuel taxes applied citywide. They are all taxes.

Hidden Tax is a smaller fee paid 'along the way' that seems a one-off yet reoccurs yearly/annualy' like dog registrations.

Secret Taxes are taxes like Kosher Tax, or fees built into University study like Accreditation fees. Who authorises Universities in the first place? Universities themselves come under accreditation bodies, granting them the right to issue (and punitively withdraw) Degrees, Doctorates and the like. Whose politics are they following in this powerful position; should it be so secret in International law, National law and in its local application; is there an appeal process? Smacks of extreme fascism to me. That they even have this: if I earn a degree through study I have not signed up or paid money, fees or funding obligations over for such an unappealing process- I earn by study, not by adhesion to some unknown political myth. This is junk power, false power that itself should be annuled. This too is like a tax on human thought. For a product that can be nullified and withdrawn. This tax is seriously pernicious. Plus fees to graduate and so on; these University fees, like exam costs, often subsidise Government run institutes.
NOTE: Universities today make money from letting out student accomodation. I strongly suspect that they make more money doing this than in running the University. Acting in that landlord capicity exactly like a rentier. You've been sold a pup. A pedigree for a pooch.

Unknown Tax are revenue gathering penaltiesapplied in a predatory and arbitrary manner. Like speeding tickets, library fines, unexpected charges or levies not announced in brochures oronly applied at point of sale like Government document charges. Sort of like legalised bribery.

Special Tax are where higher goverment officials including politicians receive much higher pension supperannuation, subsidised cafeterias and parking spaces and free cars, laptops and other free computer gear and cellphones tax-free plus other fancier travel emmoluments and many other extras hidden from the public. You pay for these though you yourself have topay taxes on them- often their taxes as well as your own. Plus other home and hotel accomodations, plus political expenses, plus having access to subsidised loans and other financial advantages. Including their own shopping stores and bank loans that the public cannot access.
Inflation as Tax are a tax on laziness and non-performance in the marketplace. Unions often seek 'cost-of-living' payments- especially government unions so adding this in as a tax is very real too for most households- as it renders government pay rates significantly higher than others.
Compliance Costs are taxes paid internally to gear up accountancy departments of businesses for instance in order to complie with the many layers of compulsory rules and regulations for running a business. This also applies secretly to individuals, households and families.


Visible taxes include things like Income, Sales Taxes, Property Taxes, Wealth Taxes, Payroll Taxes, City Taxes, Regional Taxes, State or Federal Taxes; plus smaller taxes like water taxes, Toll Road Fees, Rubbish Collection fees, fuel taxes, electricity or carbon taxes - all fees, charges and imposts going to local, town or city or regional assesors; all taxes going to Central Government. Including compulsory student loan debts; which in many horrendous cases you cannot get out of. Debt repudiation is the only way. These horrifyingly large amounts in accumulated total together can be far higher by three or four times your 'income tax'. Plus other minor yet hidden fees and charges added on top all going into some form of government scheme by compulsion or legal requirement; all such coercive fees that are non-voluntary can legitimately be called taxes. Taxes not merely by name but by actual real effectual control of expenditure. Do we pay any corporation that way; coercively? Thus most of your visible income goes directly to government; you do not in any way control it. Imagine what you could do if even that was in your hands; how great a benefit could you render your family; not someone elses family. Hence the earners of money often do poorer than the useless recipients of your money. Enough to make your blood boil.
However that is not all; take the instance if you are a tenant for instance; you are paying the landlords rates too! As it is naturally included in the price.
FURTHERMORE, and this could be by far the larger part the invisible taxes paid that you indirectly pay on behalf of others because it too is 'built into the price'; and we naively thought that capitalism was bad? Socialised Government interference that rapes (Rapine) our financial and molests our entire life assets constitutes a further deep layer (deep state) of secret hidden and invisible taxes that are multiplied alarmingly so possibly constituting the major part of all our unnecessary costs of living, the devaluing of the currency and its purchasing power and grossly increasing ordinary human costs of living to well nigh impossible degrees; all of it secretly, unknown to the public as to its pernicious final effects; an unpayable debt called slavery in any language; the truly true and full meaning of the term.
RISIBLE Taxes- there just to annoy the electorate and gather revenue: likeTV licence fees and speed cameras. To show their absolute disdain for you.
It is the additional secret and invisible taxes that will completely kill your financial viability; they are the combined and many layered taxes, built into the prices, that companies, factories and businesses are forced to add to the final total price to pay such things as fuel taxes, or sales taxes at every stage of the manufacturing or importing, distribution, warehousing, retailing and marketing stages; where they too are forced to add sales or fuel taxes onto the price (rounded up probably; to cover infamous 'compliance and inspection costs charged at hefty rates by the state') at every step along the way; so that a ten cent item becomes ten dollars or ten Euros by the time you have it home to your house. Without these malignant taxes everyone in the West could live like Kings. Instead only the useless political classes live the way you deserve to live. They certainly do not deserve to.  The STATE is your deepest darkest enemy: not your 'friend'. They have not done the work.




The guy is relying on a story his nanny state girlfriend told him it to explain how he was not the first one: the 'rape' in this anecdotal context simply did not happen. Falsity is the hallmark of all theoreretical state propaganda; and the taxes that flow on from that. False taxes for false nanny state propaganda means everything is false: fake Government, fake news, fake University promises of employment, fake theory, fake ideology, fake 'causes' with fabulously fake aims, deluded agendas and a false, 'manufactured' consensus to support; using trade union bullying techniques, media overkill and suspect political and social agendas of the most malignant sort. Fake Nanny state governance overall being the chief of these. Down with the Matriarchy! Down with phony science and resultant oppressive taxes. Taxes kill freedom. Taxes kill personal choice. Down with Macron and the other slick lickers like him.



He is just a sucker- who believes her!
This view of mine has MASSIVE support from those 60% who are caught lying and giving out a 'false rape' event as an excuse to allow or cover for such minor things as failing to hand in assignments on time, to explain while acting 'innocent virgin' he is in fact - not the first one, and failing to come home on time or other such minor 'difficulties'. If the young man really was so objectively sure about this he could easily remain so without the cussing 'build up' before giving his fact-less, fickle and reckless phony second-hand version of her 'why I am not a virgin' 'testimony'. All this massively supported by fake feminist Government and Left Wing ideology. The Left aids workers oppression! Though a big he-man type he built himself up to convince himself his 'White Knight' defense of her needed a renewed inner stir-up and reminder. A white knight is a hero-type male who automatically defends women, right or wrong. Usually very little thinking is involved. Just a libtard knee-jerk reaction. Braindead response. A no-brainer as they say. To other men he is just a traitor. A bit like a Jew-Catcher in Berlin. Sussing out those of his kind in order to keep his own manhood and his access to women alive.

Believing this anecdotal personal stuff without proof will squirm within him if he continues with her. Ending where he'll have the most god-awful crackup/breakdown when his long troubled internal male instincts have twisted him inside-out with the undeniable truth. Women tell lies. He has assumed this one- no doubt 'pretty'- did not. Always a big mistake; men ought always to factor in these 'personal' anecdotes. She's laughing at him. If he believes her; once she's got him, she will get away with all her other lies added subsequently on top. What an easy-as life-always keeping 'your' guy on a guilt-trip string for every variant possible of any manipulation at all. From "beat that guy up honey, I do not like the way he looked at me " to work late and 'I'll give you a date' - in bed; just so she can duck out and see her lover she's having an affair with; much more dramatic than him because he does not treat her like eggshells. Yep, it happens; see it all the time. Got one safe at home: pays all the bills. He'll do anything for her. Muggins. Fit for man-ipulation. All her lies are truth. For her. And his investment in them. Until such time as she'll believe them true too- as long as he believes them. A loop leading only one way. His uttermost self engineered destruction. Women lie. They do not know what truth is. Emotion is what leads them to lie. They believe they're telling the truth! Heaven help us; these people vote! Should never have happened. Not able to tell the difference between what feels good and gets them out of an awkward feeling- and the truth. We're done. We cannot go back and undo this. There will be more in the future unfortunately. We can only hope for a brief respite. Women alone will destroy the West. The safest house of all we have dwelt in too long for it to last forever. Women wreck all our households now. Not satisfied with wrecking just some. Socialised 'feelings legislation' just has to go. Men win everything back that way: marriage, family, stability, income, security and loving women too who then obtain what they really want. A father to their joint children. At the moment feminism makes it impossible for either men or women to be happy. Feminism causes the greatest loss of human happiness of all time. It is evil. A vile hate crime against all humanity. Destroying both families and childhood.



How deeply all this has invaded-to no commensurate good- all our lives we shall see from how high are the REAL TAX RATES.
And, thus, how much you have been taken for a very bad ride as Tax Fodder

 How failed Socialist Policies around the World have depended on creating a privileged grievance-industry in an ever-growing 'special-pleading' constituency. Making minority groups out of everything divisive: from migrants to malingerers. Excepting: all men, of no matter what age. And, by that criminalizing all normality. Imagine, criminalizing heterosexuality itself. Men are doomed in the current matriarchal -feminist 'nanny' state. Yet crossing all these groups its greatest victims are the young men taxpayers of all creeds, races and ideology who face the most enormous tax burdens to pay for it all. This is that story. On-wards into a better kind of future for its most aspiring, amazing members. Our own grown-up younger hope. The new men of today. We wish you well. A great task awaits you; the salvation of civilization from an over-eager illusion. The costliest delusion of an expensive Utopia suiting women alone: paid for by young men and of no benefit to his children or himself. Privileging only white pederasts and female perverts.

This you must not allow. This is your task. To rebuild sanity and sound, sustainable economic and practical institutes that pass-on values: not pass-off 'values' as worthy, nor, pass, on values that are worthwhile, nor pass-on values that are dramatic though destructive; our entire culture awaits your intelligent and correct assessment of this and what to do about it. My left-leaning 'hippy' generation has made a selfish hash of the whole thing. Giving ground on foolish 'feelings legislation' that has no redeeming real quality to it whatsoever: merely 'passed' to satisfy a tyrannical regime of female lesbian stupidity. Don't you do that. Resist and defy, and resist again, until their idiocy collapses. No one can live with it. Even its crazy proponents longer term cannot. Away with them.
Onward to the future.
Not downward- to no future except that of another Venezuela, Cuba or Cambodia? Countries that are bottom of the world table on all counts of socialist-poverty, socialized-tyranny, social-restrictions of movement, censorship, rigged elections, longevity, feminism, human rights abuses: all of this in a downward social direction. Socialism sounds wonderful in theory; a horror story in practice- worse than the catholic church in the Dark Ages, and that is saying something; all people caught in its mesh flee from it. They have walls and fences too, to keep people in. You are not free to change- if you sample 'the revolution' it is a one-way street. You cannot alter it ever. Think about that.

We are on our way there. Tax receipts are down; tax expenditure on more useless items however, is up. Not looking good.
That is no way to progress. It is a sure way to fail. Coalitions unravel under stress. They'll pass that on to you. Instead of taking cuts themselves.
True socialists would take a cut themselves if poverty were increasing. True socialists would live in a grass hut until everyone had a house. Would they not? that is the kind of myth they sell. They do not ever perform that.  Castro, Stalin, Lenin, Marx were wealthy hobnobbing with the rich socialists of their day. Wake up. They use all that comrade talk to feather their own nest plundering yours. Rich socialists are liars. They do not give their money away to the poor. No, like good hypocrites they are they demand and coerce you into doing that for them though you are far poorer yourself than they thanks to their loan scams and higher levels of taxation than have ever been before. Read on. Soldier, join the real revolution. The one that overthrows them. Ensconced in their high castles.

We do it with an army of ideas.

The time to protest in earnest is NOW.
With your own leaders.
 Not toxic armchair-communist lecturers and professors. (Probably with only half a degree of competency above that which you are seeking.)

Down with the University loans scam; promising all, delivering little. Down with Dogma driven education; demand your money back for their vile garbage. Oust all toxic professors! They shall not hide their poisonous bigotry behind tenure! Student human rights to an excellent education trumps security for lying academics. Return university administration to the power of the academy! Knowledge is King; dogma is for dogs.

Despite all this, it is not entirely socialists fault.
Behind them are the bankers. Yes, the bankers. Who finance their election campaigns. Rich Communo-Capitalist dabblers, Marxist manques, post-modern fellow-travelers. Pretend workers. These are not real Marxists or Socialists; they are not proletarians themselves. They leave real work to others. they despise workers - they see them as 'useful idiots'- their term, not mine. While secretly being willing to be such tools for rich faux socialists; who are not socialists at all. Do you get me so far?  Who in turn work the 'front office' shall we say for, or as, capitalists, bankers, usurers, and investor 'holding companies'  which in turn have owners. It is the owners of capital who matter; master usurers every one.
Their tools in the current age are fast-spouting (but empty headed) ideologues whose only-ever reading material has been Karl Marx; they all skipped that children's fable not to kill the goose that lays the golden egg (like Cesar Chavez of Venezuela did an oil bonanza bigger than Norway); for one far less supportable- 'money grows on trees'; just so long as you practice well managed forestry. All of these losers including Bernie sanders could profit from considering Vladimir Lenin's New Economic Plan of 1923, the infamous N.E.P. Below is an updated version of similar policies: To increase revenue for socialist projects, lower taxes- or at least allow limited market forces; the more market forces the more it increases. Cut back on public employees yet insist on greater productivity (public servants always find a thousand ways to slack-off). Finally beware increasing taxes; it always leads to the catastrophic reversal we see in revenue. Have a nice day.

There are several of these usurer groups worldwide. Acting like criminal gangs. Causing all the problems. Driving governments into self destructive behaviours. Why? So that these countries- all formerly wealthy, so that they have plenty of highly developed infrastructure in place: in collapsing these entities- like corporate raiders, being written off or down; are available for easy purchase post-calamity some months after, at vastly deflated prices. On the age old adage of buy cheap sell dear. Now they are buying up entire countries as cheap as chips. Make sure yours is not one of them. By not voting easy money socialists- that only dilutes the currency by diluting the purchasing power. Then the country or nation; including you, is up for grabs. At very cheap slavery-forever prices. And you still have to pay for all the old debt. You're screwed. Helped along in this entirely by treacherous betrayer pseudo-socialists who love power much more than they love you. None of them ever is known as a personal level philanthropist on their own sweated money; they rob yours to pay out their fake 'reputations'.  The game- as always, world domination- through socialist impossible taxes; bankrupting everyone to powerfully rule over them. Not by might nor by right but by devious lies and unethical practices forbidden to you to do.

You can guess yourself who the main ones are. Of they of whom one cannot speak; there the power lies. 

Okay I'll give you a clue. These criminal gangs run the world they lie, kill, steal and destroy. Triads, Wahabi (Saudi), Zionists (Murder Incorporated, Sturm Gang, Babylonian-Talmud KABBALISTS [Yes; as in drug cabal])- though NOt necessarily 'Jews, Hebrews or Isrealis'- more the Rothschilde usury {loans with extortionate 'political' conditions} Thuughi, Mafiaosa, Bike Gangs, Drug gangs, CIA dirty tricks (extra territorial) Illuminatii-Masonic-New Age and other psuedo quasi-religious pagan 'fronts', the Higher Vatican. That's it. Pretty well everyone is involved. Just make sure to disconnect explicitly from these things. Examine exactly what you have got yourself into. And remember they all compete with one another.

On the other there is the genuine, authentic and deep- which in its own way is more dramatic, exciting and rewarding.

The media does not cover them though they are not secret. To uncover them openly you only need to get yourself interested- try charitable work and you will begin to meet some of them. For they number greatly in anonymous aid to others. The obvious place actually are sometimes not the best; they too have sold out sometimes or been captured by the international criminal movements by taking the money or finances of the usury crown. Their money always comes with vicious conditions silencing opposition: an opposition that does not threaten death directly itself but warns of potential 'eternal death' (set in some different future realm beyond the physical) for following evil in life. Not threatening that they will kill you, no not at all. Thus you can tell evil. One warns, the other threatens direct physical removal in this life and world. Like the Catholics in the Dark Ages. Not now. Yet higher Catholicism is deeply drenched today in paganism and evil within the Vatican and Central Papal systems: pederasty and child sacrifice. Feminism if you see it does the same. Just like the Baalish religion of the Star of Rhephadhim- meaning rest, not sabbath rest but implying a wicked resting-on-ones-lees, the sour grit at the bottom of wine glasses-unpalatable to God; therefore one must move forward. God worship is by moving forward in obediences. Many of them, continually and always. Not settling for anything static or fixed; this should appeal to radical believers.  (On the Israeli flag- but not noticed by unconverted Jews) or Moloch. The worship of money is the root of all evil. Money is useful; the love of it turns it into evil. Some loves are just not right.

Socialism at this point in history is just a favorite tool for more evil of these strategies above to work. By calling what they are doing by other names out front other than what they are. For them to be united on this the tactical code has to be simple and is very like a verbal; bait and switch device familiar to all criminal cultures.

So do not follow socialism today as it has been totally captured by unknowing fools who may even be happy at this 'clever' devious device of theirs; for their real love is the love of power. Power for its own sake; they do not care at all if it ruins the country, is bad for the economy, is ruinous to the economy, or any such higher ideal. They despise high ideals. They love power, money and sex; the one is merely a means to the other. All else to them is a cynical permission to lie under the rubric that the end justifies the means; more lies, killing, destruction. They have no other ideal. A perfect tool for usurers whose focus is entirely on one of these alone; POWER so the deceptive unethical and illegal types of moves they make in the Grand Game (this is the only game they play)  'justifies' to them anything they can think to do preferably with the most vicious, advantageous, and crippling timing. This explains absolutely everything we see formerly big and even great countries and nations doing. Trust no one in the world, trust God or your plain and ordinary instincts on this. You know who they are. They rely on you -'being so intelligent'- (taught by one of these dumbed-down Universities) that you probably will not notice the obvious. They are doing it boldly now as the end of their time runs out worldwide- in fact right in front of you.  Watch out. Look - and learn. You'll see what I mean. Every time now. You hear?



How deeply all this has invaded-to no commensurate good- all our lives we shall see from how high are the REAL TAX RATES.
And, thus, how much you have been taken for a very bad ride as Tax Fodder

New Zealand Data! YouTube Video Below!


 Men pay the most real taxes yet receive less from them over a lifetime than women or girls. Big Government interventions in the economy are not in any way in the interests of men. Socialism pays out far, far more to women than to boys in education, health or legal or political policies: the political classes are in serious error by opposing the rights of men. Nothing less than a workers revolution- of the right- appears on the horizon alas, to redress these profound differences driven by feminism tyranny. In fact men are the ONLY ones who pay taxes! (See You Tube Video above!) Astounding but true! The incredible cheek of bolshie lying women!  As in the instance of the capture of the generous pensions by long living women. Thus balancing out the .77cents in the dollar argument, if true; that one could doubt was anyway.  Is this feminist 'equality 'fair? Women tell lies. Feminist statistics are some of the dodgiest ever as outlined in Dr. Warren Farrell's book 'The Myth of Male Power'. Are boys and men being ripped off?

Consider this at the individual level. A woman, an armchair communist, has a child; ditches the man almost immediately. Shacks up with her Lesbian Den Mother who is there in the background all along. Devious, huh? Then lives off his earnings, via taxes, or court orders, threats, coercion by bullying feminist protests; all based on lies and false documentation (all made to appear 'legitimate' in the eyes of those predisposed to do so; legal prejudices and the like- in reality not established by independent studies but by a lying fake-news media with the full weight of its apparent legitimacy- Now widely abandoned by the wiser public) at a better and more irresponsible rate than he receives. Taking the children, half his money, half his business, plus family support payments- with no access; iced over with a newly acquired bad reputation that ruins his chances forever; no wonder such men react violently alone and marooned in the culture. Feminisnm thus creates its own violence; by pushing on men beyond human endurance and ill-designed , unillumined injustices of the crudest most malignant sort. Unworthy of any humane society anywhere. Almost as if she were deliberately evil and immoral to be so callous of long held human standards for human liberal civilization. Wait until these much lower cruder turns are lowered upon their backs.  And his earnings left that of a wimp run over by an entire brothel of such injustice. More than a kind of economic ripoff, it's very reality made personal and vile because of it. Social welfare whoring? Great 'family' values too, eh? We have all seen this right? - happening to some poor sap. None the wiser. Yet feminists have also just turned him by the thousands into one of us. Masculist; convinced to the core. With no compromises; none whatsoever. So there. Feminist. Is written your own doom.
On the larger scale of State politics, local politics and all politics with a socialist tinge it happens also.
Only with a much bigger expansion with hell of a lot of self-justifying socialist claptrap talk as well...  The pussy hats are pink for a reason. That is how the primped earn their pay. Vaginal accountancy. Sanctioned all by the socialist state apparatus.  Especially I have seen cruising in various low key suburbs the Den Mothers entourage or lesbian groupies, bisexual,  her charges out ahead seeking 'companions' for entrapment, false accusation, blackmail, uproar, extortion or phony 'relationships ' of a de-facto or 'marriage-like character' in order to maintain an expensive group lifestyle. Prostituting themselves for the cause of entitlements without production; as they do not, or have not, produced the three or four average we need just to keep pace with actual patriarchal cultures amoung us. The survival of the Western liberal way of life; civilization itself depends upon it. All facilitated by the state. By the courts dispensing bigoted and dubious 'justice' and by welfare, education and other Justice Department acts of agency. This must stop in a sane society. What the Gays proclaimed as evil for some in coercive, totalitarian society is now proscribed for all the remaining heterosexuals in the male gender. A far greater group that cannot remain silent for long even as little as they can find to express it. Instinct is a greater political resource than phony post-modern ideas of gender. As we see when the real proletarians march so united and spontaneously.
Welcome to the world of latter-day Marxist-Feminist failure politics.  Where the world and its jobs are divided according to the division between tax takers (Feminist Fake Government 'jobs') and tax MAKERS- i.e. the MEN. Who work outside at real productive jobs. As played out in the tax regimes that range themselves entirely against men's interests in almost every case. As we shall see below.

Prepare to get angry, really angry. Take stock of the crooked deal men receive from the postmodern politics of our time.

Yet solutions from within the pages of this website also reasonably follow.



New Schedule to get this eBOOK finished.

FINISH FIRST DRAFT BY 30th of 8-2018: August the 30th : Yet with 60,000 words,
Approx 240 Pages. 
My thirteenth Non-Fiction book draft since 2014.

Note the new schedule includes one week for shifting all its fragments, bits, ideas, sketches, 'parables', and illustrative concepts to Scrivener for substantive reordering...some of which benefits will be seen here. Yet do copy the is free...but still in authors copyright as Haavi Ostrii.


It will take three weeks to work on the requisite mechanism...hinted at here-though the sketched matrix as a framework for detailed adjustment- all original by me as far as I know- remains the first all-economic considerations matrix in existence that I know of facing off Bastiat and Keynes- yet sharing communalities between them and 'enlarging' the speculative possibilities intellectually.  Created as a user results and fuller consequences based DYNAMIC ECONOMICS STUDY

Once before, feeling my own obligations to New Zealand and our fallen comrades of the deep north (Scandanavia) I held the line by economic expression. Saving my current country over two to two hundred million by so doing. And in the meantime moved from 'hands up- O, how terrible it all was' position to a determined search for a way that restates male value and defeats feminism. This is it. Cutting off the life support in politics and economics for matriarchies blood-sucking dead maggots. Thus they are beaten. It is over.

In the future, by discussing Antarctic Oil, which few are prepared to do- though it is a natural-and bio-degradeable product of the earth, to all except blind fanatics. To all that the Godhead makes glassy-eyed first; complete ideological blindness follows.We seal the deal and move forward beyond the anachronistic, old-fashioned feminism toward our reality-future. Everyone should be a masculist after this. You are reading the cutting edge.

 WORTH $7000 Trillions- deep into the Southern Oceans.
Meaning New Zealand and its partners would be the richest countries on Earth. Bar none. As we were once before.

Anyway, we have to take hold; or face some ghastly unwanted war if others take hold for us. Cowardice here with our allies could be fatal. While moves toward peace since Neville chamberlain have always invited socialist opportunists like Adolf Hitler (His inner circle read Marx! and called Der Fuhrer 'Germany's Lenin' ) to power on forward while foolish men of state twiddle their thumbs.

Non-alignment or disarmament options forget that Israel denied having Nuclear weapons of mass destruction while actually having them underground. And that today there are many nations like Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, South Africa, South Korea, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Spain who could afford having them, and possibly many do- especially if you consider the motivation from the point of view of being overrun, invaded, or worse- arising from the standard pretexts of others.

It is so much like gun control laws. There is a long list including Hitlers Germany where gun control was enacted before totalitarian legislation was passed.

Disarming the 'Jews' of the future holocaust is not always the good option it seems.


Crafting the text via Hemingway may take two weeks also as a daily grind. I may skip working the economic parables which are charming and I love to do them but rendering them into finer art is a detail needing more patience and work. I'll see.

 On this outing I do not know how much eventually will be restored to us all as a massive increase; yet there is a need for courage. To take up the challenge. The future belongs, really, to men. I salute you!

There are too many more thoughts also- worked into notes, jottings and sketch scraps, that need to be written up fully and included in the manuscript. What has slowed the work- forcing me to almost hate it-was jumping from one to another text I have been developing- a novel. It was torturing me; though I would wake in the night with urgent ideas to finish or include in the Tax Fodder folder. Nor have I avoided the polemical side of things; the very purpose of the website as a whole. Yet it too gets me in quite a wrangle and out-of-sorts. Painful. Especially as it all so rational in its basis.

Above all I see this work as accomplishing more elevated a role for Tax Bodies like IRS/IRD and so on to stand alongside Reserve BANKS, Investment Communities, Treasuries and so on to proactively and police governments from excessive taxations that this matrix shows HARM good nations prosperity to the point where Socialism and its mindset programmes despairingly and defiantly impoverish  people in the name of aiding them.

I would stand proudly with such Tax Officials as agents of Good government. May God Bless us as we advance toward that possibility.



How deeply all this has invaded-to no commensurate good- all our lives we shall see from how high are the REAL TAX RATES.
And, thus, how much you have been taken for a very bad ride as Tax Fodder

Would Feminist Governance pass the test of it's own fit-for-purpose laws, even of equality? I doubt it.
The secret is that a feminist-state controls men by taxes. Yet currency and money itself is the storage of men's labour, of male value and male dignity and esteem. For men have died for it legitimately as heroes, acquiring it and wresting it from industry, the soil, the cultivation and creative practical empirical invention. The closest women come to that is in raising male children. They are of infinite value. The currency of women is children; if you lose those you lose everything. That is why we have a sacred contract; we protect you and our children by dying for you; both daily, in industrial tasks, and in emergencies- like rescues and dangerous fires, That is why you women should NOT do those things; you have 300 precious eggs. With you an entire tribe dies. While men have fresh seed every day. The Gender equation. So that any one man-even a juvenile- or older man kept safe by the tribe can recreate the tribe in you via any fertile woman  The survival code-as inescapable a reality as any so called 'law of the Jungle' or social code or contract; Roussea is wimpy compared to that.  A fey speculation by a fop. Fail to produce-then why protect barren women? She should die like the men in front of the pack to ensure it. That is her only honour. In a time of danger.

Taxes, then, are definitely a men's issue.

You will also see how unbelievably HIGH they are also. And men pay the vast majority of them; while women receive more income from the state than they ever receive from men. Therefore their allegiance is not to their father, son, brother, boyfriend, partner or husband but to the state; and its wholesale theft of men's ideas, effort and skill. While providing nothing in return. This is the crux of the whole thing. Men do their part; women take more from men via taxes than men can now afford to give. While failing to do their part; hitherto unspoken though commonly understood- as out of gracious 'politeness' toward them- not urging biological necessity upon them. Maintaining a romantic indifference toward something utterly existentially needed for cultural survival. Underneath it is all so different from how we have allowed ourselves to talk. Yet talk we must. This is a real war between the sexes indeed. If our womenfolk in the West do not have three or four children each then the western culture, way of life, our institutions and civilization, western ideas and modes of political thinking and our arts and human philosophies will surely come to an end. The state also is an unwanted rival 'husband'. No wonder men are not marrying anymore. The political class along with politicised LGBT have elbowed men out of the marital equation claiming a kind of primitive Droit du seigneur for themselves; making cuckolds of all virile men in the marriage bed. Committing financial adultery with their wives whenever they please. Creating molested vulnerable children as one of its ugly by-products.  And we have our sluttish fornicating Prime Minister offering as only a skanker bearing a bastard could- I kid you not!- directing a foolishly large donation to a criminal tax-free foundation run by a notorious Democratic Party Paedophile! This is the gender identity war.  Via the taxes. It is not a figure of speech anymore!

This has powerful implications in the relationships that men now have with their coercively 'state supported' partners, companions and wives.
As we shall see discussed further in my book.

You may think those words above are just plain 'ornery' and nasty. But what shocks me-outside of a lack of spite- is their plain accuracy considering the history of socialism, its economics and its outcomes today and in the past.  There is actually no nastiness intended. Their is no mileage in nastiness for its own sake unless it is extremely accurate. In which case it is shocking. Shocking in its symbolic truth. The reality of our current politics unfortunately precisely measured by it. No nastiness Okay? Shocking accuracy. Having found a new truth of expression. So do I have a nasty tongue alone and a  nasty attitude? Arising solely from a of nasty character and nasty spirit? Or is its nastiness shocking- because it is accurate. We have a solo mother as our prime minister. Yes? The laughing stock of the entire political world? Yes!  Yet what if they come the nature of language itself and the accuracy, of its expression the language and its accuracy startles the speaker actual acute precision?
Also highly suggestive of that entire reversal of morality of the entire Socialist botched historical system; where down-crying poverty actually breeds more poverty, exploitation and a miserable socialist exploitation numbing in its Bolshevik elitist brutality, insane inanity, cruel mindlessness, bloody murderous cynicism and crushing economic distress for all.

The PARABLE of THE Street of SHOPS





How deeply all this has invaded-to no commensurate good- all our lives we shall see from how high are the REAL TAX RATES.
And, thus, how much you have been taken for a very bad ride as Tax Fodder

When you consider Lord Keynes is multiply effect on the economics beyond and his recognition that the best real tax rate for a government to keep within is 25% – were as world governments today. All of them, have gone way beyond that. So that republican party's and moderate party's and Liberal party and nationalist party is in populist parties – not just overt socialistic parties have gone way over on the real tax rate. This problem is more urgent than global warming, feminism, equal pay, a living wage, or any other issue you can care to name. Apart from demographic issues which are entailed in this. Unless you have a population economics, where all women of the West have three or four children each the economic system under which they live would collapse and die. Probably for ever. Never to rise again in their lifetimes. And it could happen very soon. As it is doing so right now in 2018 in California and in Venezuelan for example. Nowhere will be a safe place for the girly bubble of any kind in a collapsed western economy. Our current rate is 67%. The world rate of virtually every government is something similar. My recommendation in the body of this essay also comes to its own conclusion. To my surprise. That the 25% rate was the only sustainable real tax rate that any government anywhere in the world at any time or any place in history could sustain over the generations. In other words, the young people will probably never see pensions is their lifetimes. . Nor will they have anywhere near the health support systems or the welfare systems that exist today. Though one thing is for sure they will have the debt hanging around their neck for a long time to come and way beyond ahead for the student loan farce. This is economically unsustainable. Socialism only accelerates this process. How fitting for a false philosophy. Not only will Socialism not destroy capitalism which will merely flee to another location; it is Socialism that will destroy socialism. Yet I hold no hope that any socialist will ever see this. For they show a remarkable lack of foresight in regard serving consequences and outcomes of their policies.
Or that.
An accuracy that arises from the consideration of the history of the socialist mine mind and its birth in the French Revolution and the terror. For in the terror of socialism and attorney of egalitarianism, we see that Le rory Royal aristocracy and the intelligentsia of the day had their heads cut off and the bodies tortured. Whereas today left wing political correctness post-modernism and feminist mind. Think – it is idea is we have cut off, and speech codes that we oblige everyone coercively to utter by the full weight of the law. This is low level to to be sure, but no less effective. Furthermore consider the thing our socialist parties today currently supports will stop. Gay pride, yes: a gay ability humility? Can we trust that? The pride of Royal King of in spectacle and of poorpomp to lead us? What are we shine Fresnel lens of light upon the socialists currently in power? In the light of the essay below. Which opens up the question of the difference between rhetorical politics and the reality of the outcome in the loss of purchase price value of the currency – a falling dollar, for instance? The collapse of the housing market through state unfit interference? The exile of the investor community because of the excess hounding of some investors wayward – without considering the consequences on the whole? Will this send a signal to the invested community to leave New Zealand and consequent collapse of our sharemarket, for instance? Socialists are invariably theft-based system is. In other words, they cannot think of responses or consequences to the actions from the other side of the equation. Therefore they nearly always exacerbate economic conditions and increased poverty rather than increase well well Wealth.
Also consider the origins of the Democratic party and even democracy in the United States as being part of that belief system in sollie solomon like symbols structures talismans and ambulance and magic stone crystal suchlike amulets. Which is the religion behind the Kabbalah and the subtlety of reaping religion and behind the religion of the Babylonian capture in a state now know as caz area Kazakhstan. We see their the same obelisks street layouts triangles entangle Pentagon's pentagrams, as we see in Washington, and as we see in London and as we see in a Starmer, the capital Catholic Star and as I believe we see the Zionist religion where it. It sets foot. As pointed out by true Hebrew judah scholars Judea.The foundation of the Democratic party was based on the Ku Klux Klan and the kind of thinking George Wallace and notorious democratic from the old South, a racist if ever there was one. Kennedy was murdered to be replaced by LBJ and he instituted the Civil Rights movement, winning for the Democratic party, the cachét against racism. Whereas in actual fact, fruit of the Civil Rights movement and its paternalism was not an improvement on the progress that the black Americans already making in America – in fact since that time of the great society they went backwards a long way under socialist and feminist pressure to the destruction of the communities and educational opportunities and increasing poverty in democratic control states and cities throughout America. Think of Cuba and its outdated and limited ways of thinking where taxi drivers earn more in a day than doctors obtain in a month. Contrast that with our own state servants were a schoolteacher obtains up to $79. 000 They'll dollars a year. Macron in France battling against this price gouging behaviour by overpaid fatcat state servants. Were obviously not the servants of the public until, but their masters in fact. As we see here. Increasingly, also in the United States.Tax cuts sometimes fail as in the case that Kansas Gov recently. However, the move from a very high tax state were very slight decrease in those taxes lead to suspicious businesses not taking on more workers as they had no confidence that the tax cuts would hold which they have not, so they were correct – and vasts they spent the money guarding against that eventuality by not taking on workers, yet by investing in automatic equipment which obviously doesn't increase employment opportunities but decreases the beam.The tax cuts would far not deep enough. And according to non-old supplier economics of Lord Keynes – as was his recommendation that the balance should be the real tax rate of 25%. A very real empty tax cut in de approximately 2/3 of all the current real tax rates around the world. Stop. With a different approach entirely the Morris joseph metrics suggest at least one diagram of very similar level of 25% as being the healthiest level of intervention minimalist government in our lives. Anything beyond that in fact is control freak territory, and anything beyond that yet again is oppressive and suppressive necessarily so – as in your typical Marxist economics. Yet anything beyond that again is plainly to radicaly too tyrannicall require levels of government error to maintain. As we see in Venezuela today. And is unfolding to that type of level, even in California today. Will that? Could that? Happen here in lovely little egalitarian New Zealand? I think it could?
And this government ship pretty charming and attractive on the surface harbours tendency in that direction to arriving entirely from its own history. For Rewi Alley in China are good New Zealand Communist overseas produced a book of photographs of Chinese children – all of the boy's. Are we to hand these above the perversions bidded within the New Zealand socialist parties and in the socialist parties worldwide – rhetorical compassion. It turns out to be very cruel itself – the concern for others, masks, horrible deep and abiding pederasty version paedophilia – a concern from Ray's agenda and the quality that masks and high St camouflage is tons of lots powerful political about rights and entitlements if they do not love the poor so much as hate the rich. Nor do they love the right except for themselves to increase their own salary and increase the taxes on the rates as they have done here in Wellington, so that the responsibilities of good governance and governing on the behalf of all community. The investor community and the taxpayer community, as well as the tax taker community stop.


It is doubtful if any feminized government would pass the tests of commercial, personal and – or, more financial and economic compliance, viability, and any fitness for purpose in a legal sense under its own laws applicable to a fully professional commercial product of fairness to men. As we shall see here from a masculist point of view.

 If Government were a 'legal person' should it be in Jail?
Probably in perpetuity. Why? Because an entire civilization is at risk. For Western culture to survive with any 'equality' at all with other cultures competing for the world space then our women-folk need to procreate with three-to-four children per couple each. Otherwise in thirty years feminism, environmentalism, science, religion, economics, politics- it will all be over. No one reading English language poetry, books,novels, writings; no one listening to western rock, songs, music or opera of any kind at all. For westerners at every level would know themselves to have been thirty considered passed as third class members of society; tolerated only as they sucked up to other cultures, ways and customs. The West would be dead.
If feminist politicians or public service had a legitimate claim to 'equality claims' why have they not noticed the gross unfairnesses to men of their systems of the feminised state apparatus as outlined here? Men still pay the most taxes and compulsory state payments yet receive fewer benefits from them. Men are begrudged their own money paid to help them in times of need yet receive a kick in the teeth from public officials often when they do. Women receive over two thirds or three-quarters of the pension payout and more than men receive in health payments and divorce settlements; also receive more in education funding, legal fees and other state, federal and national welfare payments. This is independent of which government is in power. Is this fair? Was it ever fair. Perhaps women are the unfair sex then? So vast are the differences in outcomes between us overall. Concentrating on the high paying jobs does not cut it anymore. Women shortchange men in other ways as well. For they do not fulfill their end of the bargain in what I call the Gender Contract- as modeled after that of Rousseau's Social Contract- though significantly apart from it.Women do not have the children we need for any kind of sustainable society; 3-4 children each. Numbers beyond replacement are needed for the bare survival of that culture or civilization. And women have had the hard hearted cheek to claim anything of us unless that is first fulfilled. Anything. Yet they have claimed a whole universe of desire. Offering men nothing. They have not done their part yet men continue to do theirs. In fact women rely on it; until men wake up.


Therefore, in all countries, we can see that the last group that should ever govern a country or even so much as a large enterprise would in almost all cases and generally speaking, be the very government itself. Especially is it so when you see how Government today so massively benefits women at the unfair cost of men; who, after all pay the productive taxes for these feminised government initiatives- usually, for women only. A kind of major gender apartheidt.

How deeply all this has invaded-to no commensurate good- all our lives we shall see from how high are the REAL TAX RATES.
And, thus, how much you have been taken for a very bad ride as Tax Fodder

 Imagine a game of football when two teams are playing on the field with the referee and 2 to 4 linesmen or ballboys to guide the decision.  There are team-mates and team managers also looking on, Who is playing the game?  The two separate teams are playing the game.  The public is looking on.  They too can see the state of play.  The media are looking  on: they too can see the state of play.  The referee controls the game and blows the whistle at various points in the game to stop at and to start it and to award points and penalties and lineouts and tries and touchdowns and legalities and illegalities.
There is one thing he doesn't do.  He doesn't get in there and try to play the game himself.  He stays out of it.  He is neutral.  He must be neutral.  He doesn't do anything in the game at all the teams play the game.  He merely governs the game.  He is not allowed to play the ball or make a touchdown or score a try or goal is not allowed to run along the field carrying the ball forward or backward or pass it to a preferred or privileged player.  Nor are extra referees allowed on the field to try and play a threee way game of three teams with the insider teams- the left and right referees teams always winning. And with the real players always losing. That would be terribly wrong. Yet governments do that all the time.  Don't they?

Government is like a dirty game where the referee cripples one team by sending off players while letting the other team score a goal.  And we just look on like dummy's.  There is enormous amounts of conflicts of interest when the referee plays the game for one side or the other – and arrogantly ignores what the crowd looking on can plainly see and what all the other players can see is were even the ones so favoured. Then the referee adds other -partial- 'referees to help him on the field; in effect playing for one side or the other. 'Time to blow the whistle on referee politics.  Time to make new rules for the game.  This article toward the end will explore options as to what some of those new rule might be with the very important principles I am bringing forth here for your consideration.  This mired and crooked game of politics cannot and must not continue as it has done up until now.  Democracy itself needs a revamp.  A total thorough  going over and remake.

In most advanced Western countries.  For example of Governments unfitness for purpose. It is illegal for a loan shark, a lending agency, a mortgage company, a bank, or for a credit card company to be anything less than clear about the full rates, but they will charge the customer for the loan, the advance or for the credit.  In other words, the full and real and true costs of utilising that credit would have to be fully revealed and signed for as being understood by the customer.  These are the standards for small loans.  Medium-sized loans and loans just to run a small, medium or large business.  Surely to run such a large enterprise as an entire country.  The full and proper real tax rates should be fully revealed and commonly known by all the customers and the very taxpayers that are involved who will have to pay for that government again and again and again virtually forever -in terms of their lifetime's.

Nevertheless, this is never revealed to the people who are to pay that full tax rate.  Mainly because it would be a real shock to most people to understand the real costs at that point of the overbearing governments that They must put up with.  This is deceit on a very large scale.  It is so obviously a complete and utter betrayal of what democracy is about. One can only conclude it is completely and utterly  deliberate.

This deceit relies on the convention that people believe that when you mention tax rates that they only mean the income tax.

Forgetting that there are many other myriad and multiple other taxes to be added into the real costs of the government's nanny-state apparatus and deep interference in their lives. 

It is a shockingly high figure as this essay and article will describe.

 What if there was Equality now and everyone had a million dollars.
A few days later one man goes to a baker and says 'Bake me a loaf'.
The Baker says it will cost you $1000. "What!' the other man says-
'I have nothing in my cupboards to eat! "In that case it'll cost you Ten Grand!
Why else would I bother to get out of bed in the morning!"
"I know now you have a million dollars. And I also have as much
money as I need and I can fill my own cupboards.
Why would I bother for one loaf unless you pay me a lot!
For that matter the longer it takes for me to stand here
and get my ovens up and running the price will rise ten
times for every minute! Do we have a deal! Pay now!"
In such a manner equality cannot work. Nor is it true to human nature.
And so on... back to where we were before; an impossible dream.
Mad in the extreme. Especially appealing to selfish manipulative people.
They can have you squirming forever on fine sounding, yet impossible, ideals and phrases,...

This also works if you have a communist mindset. That is without the money element.

What if there was Equality now and everyone had their bare human existence as 'qualification' and no dollars.
The thieving attempt at a revolution had seen all portable wealth disappear along with the 'superior' elite individuals who knew how to run things. (The others unwilling, or imprisoned, or killed by the overeager 'revolutionary' killers.) So they really were beginning again.
A few days later one man goes to a baker and says 'Bake me a loaf'.
The Baker says why should I? I am planning to leave the country. I'm packing!. "What!' the other man says-
'I have nothing in my cupboards to eat! "In that case you'll have to learn how to do it yourself. The Revolution smashed my ovens!
Why don't you bother to get out of bed in the morning!"
"I know now you have killed other good people.. And I also have as much
bread that I ate yesterday. There is no more for anyone..
Why, I could not even bake one if you paid me. The Party officials took all my supplies!
I can no longer stand it here I am going somewhere my work is appreciated. Goodbye!
You'll have to pay the Party now in order to eat.
In such a manner socialist equality cannot work. Nor is it true to human nature.
It favours the lazy. As do welfare systems. Nor does it work in voluntary forms. All socialist, Marxist and Owenite experiments along these lines were brief and failed. Christian communities fared far better sometimes lasting decades. While Communist social communes lasted just a few years before personal DIFFERENCES emerged. And so on... back to where we were before; an impossible dream.
Insane in the extreme. Especially to any history minded people. Communism fails at every level. It only takes so long in politics through bullying insistence against the tide of reality and at the point of a gun. All Marxist regimes are therefore Military Governments at best. Making them extremely tyrannous and evil killers of their own people and supporters first.
They know too much of how it is 'supposed to be' and never is. So they have to be 'eliminated'. To keep the politics clean.

And before they start in on 'eliminating'  all the rest; including Christians, Gays, Mentally Ill, the Old or old fashioned, the intellectuals, the artists and musicians, the writers and former politicians and military people, then the anarchists, then the animal rights people, then the feminists, then the liberals and so on forever. If you thought Capitalism was a 'shopping spree' those nasty lefty guys go on a vast genocidal safari hunt killing spree to hunt down anyone with more money than a dog and kill them for it. The left is always a criminal gang murdering money, wealth and real prosperity where ever they find it. They do not love the poor so much as hate the rich, the well off, the able, the willing and the industriously effective people. They fear them so much because they are methodically and systematically incompetent themselves.

Calling Into Question

80% suicide victims?
93% Workplace Fatalities?
76% Homicide Victims?
61% Homeless People?

How can women be so cruel and unfeeling
not to see this? Or, is their ignorance deliberate? We are all equal in suffering but from above we can see how throwing money at the 'problem' solves nothing at all. We are all different. Men suffer up to a thousand time more than women from the arduous jobs men are prepared to undertake- without complaint- on behalf of their wives and family. Feminism takes no account of this whatsoever. Men deserve to lead because they do so very much more of the dying, danger and sacrifice that  runs society. What women suffer in rape (men are too sexually assaulted by women in equivalent numbers) or in childbirth are negligible I dare to say because of the horrific deaths- in a civilian and voluntary manner; by numbers alone that are deliberately suppressed in some countries because then the claims of feminism are mute and void. Different from each other no matter what gender, 'different from' no matter what abilities we have; some are able but lazy. Some are not lazy yet are unable or disqualified in some way. Are they all like Emma Watson- emotional cripples but with an actresses fake 'quavering 'voice''(?) emitting emotion by the second - in false regards to men - unable to see how this affects the other half of humanity and using men as their unearned tax fodder?
Nearly half of all domestic violence too is caused by women- see Erin Pinney on this; and also many independent studies newer and less biased than the ones begun by feminists and still quoted blindly in their bigoted and biased literature today. -Pinney is the working class female Founder of the Domestic Violence Shelters, before feminists kicked her out of her own organization! Now called Rape Crisis. Women's only refuges and the like. Meanwhile non-feminist biased 'surveys' are shown up by increasingly independent, modern and more rigourously scientific ones moving increasingly toward 50/50 outcomes under all types of social harms in terms of predation and perpetration as being consistently similar across all groups, factors and ages. Even including Dr Christina Hof Sommers investigation of the base data sets hidden deceptively and deliberately buried within the original Koss report. The same with Susan Brownmillers study of Zuavre troops under General Patton in WWII. These black soldiers repeatedly stated it was about 'getting at whitey' in their North/South dispute over colonialism- thru raping 'their'- the mens white women- than about rape sex as 'power over women' as such. More a direct opportunist statement in a time of dominance (winning) in war. Power over other men, through those enemy women. Probably by the rape component of Soviet troops on the Russian front as Asiatic troops recalled from Vladivostok. This political and even racist element by Brownmiller in the infamously bigoted book 'Against Our Will' is completely overlooked as the obvious interpretative component it is, while remaining exactly double racist; maligning white men by using black troops in unusual circumstances and in extreme unusual conditions to make her lying statement; all men are rapists. How biased and bigoted can you get? an appalling and worthless book for the point it has been trying to make. Totally illegitimate argumentation on all its rotten ugly lying pages. Yet it is a mainstay text supported by all socialist-feminists today. As better ones cannot support the view. There simply is no rape culture whatsoever; if there is it is entirely of feminist evil woman facture. It is the false rape accusation culture or industry- for feminism actually generates more rapes not less.
Where are the men's refuges? For people like me abused and manipulated by women in childhood. There is nothing- so I know personally how entirely one-sided all feminist ideas are. Trusting only the ones like Dr Warren Farrell and Dr Christina Hoff-Sommers who have come out against it. They are double evil for they deny there own genders fault in anything yet all independent scientific studies show on all fronts even rape or sexual assaults that there are no overall significant differences IN BULK- in the statistical large numbers; we are different entirely on the individual and personal level only. Equal in the main BULK FIGURES; different down at the grass roots.
That is why along with thousands and thousands of other examples like it that mainstream Feminism is propaganda - and ONLY propaganda. It is a gigantic hate crime against all men- even transgender and millennial 'feminist' men. Watch out they will prosecute, hound, persecute and eliminate you also if they could! Because they deal with men as cyphers; as a trigger word that incites hatred- nothing c-o-n-s-t-r-u-c-t-i-v-e. Men are foolish goyim tax-fodder to pay for their own misery, depression and losses under this system of fear and unwarranted special-pleading hatreds. Gigantic hysterical hatred. Nothing but hatred. 

So you see there is something radically wrong with the whole concept.
You get...Inflation. Plus immediate unstable price conditions.
Explaining then, for MEN the real cause of our true and spontaneous
political resistance arising around the world today.
An unstoppable reality that cannot go away and must ever return if
suppressed. Deal with it! Men Rule! People like OPOTUS and Brexit spokesman are merely the epiphenomena of all of this. The deep underlying problem are the taxes and other factors thought too modern and ‘advanced’ to be ‘wrong’ in any way, shape or form- like postmodern Feminism and precious darling; snowflake-environmentalism. Macron of France incidentally is partly attacking this problem in his confrontation with the over-powerful state unions.
The author was once Chairman of the Berhampore Community Association, but
now sees paid community groups as an echo chamber repeating failed
policies and as a self-defeating crony-socialism that only serves its
own party members. For it had a 'churn' of over 200 people yet was taken over by 8 glassy-eyed Green Party members who proceeded to hold weekly secret meetings that were not 'in public' as required: thus all its subsequent decisions were illegel in terms of its own constitution.
Thus Greenism it is an international treachery in any country it operates within.
Deliberately taking its lead from an International socialist criminal gang
based on pederasty and pedophilia, and while so distracted absconds
from the duties of all responsible Governance. Using the continuing
public service as a permanently ensconced socialism force to enslave
all peoples in unhappy practices, social behaviors and economic
addictions to debt slavery and usury by intimidation, feminist mob
violence and implausible feminist fictions like 'equality' that cannot be sustained.

Think of the so called equality as realized it would be a nightmare of Maoist Jackets for everyone; all chanting the same, or very similar, mantras; hippies gone insane: a dreary sameness everywhere you look, the same leaders for decades (Yikes! Imagine that!) the same fake policies, the same predictably disappointing outcomes; the same cheering crowds nevertheless;singing the same songs, talking the same boring talk, agreeing with the same coerced speech codes, outcasting the same predictable people (men, the old, the middle classes, the old, the different, the masculists, the Christians, the politically incorrect, the hetero-normative, the majority) the same art, the same music, the same sports, the same issues (no new ones recognised as having a right to any attention even as new events and issues do unfold).... for the same ignorant ignoring of anything that differs from that worldview.

Government systems are too large and insensitive and crude in their policies to ever account for the micromanagement of the huge quantities of difference we all have; so give us back our own money; we are sure as hell able to do a better job of it as the following essay will show. The Tax Fodder outlined Maurice-Joseph Matrix is the root cause and reason why tax based systems cannot solve most social problems ever. This is the end limit to socialist policing over our lives. The end to Communism by stealth. The end to the 'long march through the institutions' plotted by social saboteur Marxists and their ilk.

With exactly the same Marxist outcomes; the same greedy state unions holding the country to ransom for their special pleading elite importance. Selfish crony socialism as in Cuba, Venezuela, and other failed socialist states like California, France, Spain... to name just a handful of these last holdouts from the socialist nightmare nations of the Twentieth Century. Socialism is a failed nation-building project like 'think-big' that is more immiserating, alienating, impoverishing, military, tyrannical, 'UN-equal', sexist, racist and bigoted and ignorant (in the literal meaning of the term; to ignore) than anything colonial, Tzarist, Imperial, Capitalist, Democratic or even 'fascist' governments than anyone has ever thought possible.


Women OWN over 65% of the Western worlds wealth; mainly through marriage and inheritance. Women outnumber men as adult voters at every age echelon or cohort. They outlive men by up to two or three more elections than men. (Men just 'front' for women in these cases). Democracy is women's government. Women voted for the 'workers-socialist' Adolf Hitler in great numbers- thus are majorly responsible for WWII.  He considered himself 'married' to these voters, on a sacred secular and socialist mission; that is why he only officiated with Eva Braun just before the end; before his Condor flight to Spain from Templehof and arrival by submarine in South America. Saving Europe for the European Union- from the invading Six Million Soviet troops massing on his Eastern border. That is why defending Europe began in the East. Eastern Europeans are leaving the EU precisely because it is so much like what the Warsaw pact countries under Left Wing domination were like to them. So similar as to be exact. That is why it is logical to leave; 70% tax rates are too much leaving people in a subsistence condition and with extreme poverty unavailed by socialist taxes and ill-thought programs. Socialism does not work; as this page shows on the tax fodder front.

It is not left or right that is the lefts problem; this is a 'black' herring! It is the tax fodder socialism that is the problem. Socialism always eradicates its enemies: Auschwitz- Six Million, Gulag- One Hundred Million. Left or Right: Socialism always pens you in. Fit for slaughter, like cattle. Tax farming. First they pen you in with the pen. Literally. I mean this. Then they pen you in with words. Next they pen you in with speech crimes and thought crime. Then they pen you in with ideology. Next they pen you in with politics and violence. Their violence plus their words equals you are guilty. See how they turn things around. They perjoritavise truth because they love lies. Then they pen you in with ideas from academia fashioned entirely with words. Words alone; they seek your harm with words. They are too lazy to create wealth. They want to steal yours. Socialists always work with words. Words are cheap. Deeds are costly. We are dying for want of deeds. The European Union as a History museum. It features only the left wing view of history from 1843 0n! with the formation of the European Union as the crown. Women crouch like lemmings on this epistemological structure without knowing its inherent clumsiness and fragility. A dangerous condition of vast ineptitude.

And now Feminism- as a type of 'female socialism'- is eliminating men. As this page shows. Along the economic front. By taxes. By your taxes!
This is an undeclared ideological war on men and the male gender. That is why they dislike President Trump so much. He is a man. Not perfect perhaps. Yet, plainly a male actor, in the theatre of international politics.

Women spend over 88% of the household budget in the West. Women capture most of the Pension spend throughout the West. Mainly because they live at those advanced years over eight years on average longer than men. Perhaps men should retire that longevity gap earlier than women? Say, at sixty, with women 'retiring' at nearly seventy? That would be fairer, yes.  Feminism moves this gap upwards since feminist ideology opposes reality. Many men do not even make it to retirement. Up to a third of all men suffer 'life damage' so severe that they will never be well or work again over the course of a fifty year working life. Losing millions in 'lifetime earnings' each. The insurance industry could not cope with the real recompense due/owed to men.  Nor can society fully payout the risks men run normally in such jobs as airline or helicopter pilot. We never think of these things. The male gender is the gender that never complains. Until now- mainly because you add heavy insults to your very real injuries to out political, intellectual and social value. Running interference does not constitute what men call a JOB. In America in the 1920s the longevity of men is just one year short of that of women. Showing how far more men overall today, suffer far more than women. Up to one thousand times more life-limiting suffering. It should be our number one issue. Not feminism.
Women too capture more than an 'equal' share of the Health, Education, Welfare and Government Jobs quotas- the infamous so called - Fake Jobs scam.
On all these front women do more successfully as unequal 'partners' with big government and huge Government taxes. Women's government is always a higher tax government; it is a wonder men do not favour forms of government more equally balanced together with their own fairer interests. Men are therefore fairer than women. Fairer government would mean men lived far longer than now and receive almost exactly half the tax benefits and Government Jobs freely as women do now. The inequality is markedly now exactly around the other way- on all fronts and in almost all cases.

DOWNLOAD enlarged image and look at closely for a long time until you can either understand it or see what it is saying.

10% colonial tax: Early Taxes

In New Zealand pioneering independence a vigorous nation is born. Carved out of the bush by the hard work of men. Now an interesting idea occurs here. Ask yourself the question-How many people, roughly, worked for the Government in those days as police, militia, customs officials Judges and so on? Well with just 10% tax they could really afford only about ten percent of the people right? So a 'working concept' throughout this website is the assumption that the tax level approximately reflects the numbers of individuals proportionately dependent on Government wages, contracts, salaries, grants, funding, handouts and benefits.
By the time of Michael Joseph Savage one of the first of the Obama breed of socially concerned politicians. If one man is injured the donations of Forty seven men were collected in a welfare tax in order to help him recover and return to work. A ratio of around 1: 47 as a welfare tax. Around this time too John Maynard Keynes came up with his version of Socialist politics- that of 'stimulation' 'printing money' or quantitative  easing (which is its modern name). And the idea too of the multiplier. Money so created is donated into fake government jobs with low pay. You could dig a hole and fill it in as far as he is concerned. Some economist, Eh! The multiplier in Michael Joseph Savages time is around seven. (Some may note here its similarity to the Miracle of Banking number of the unlikelihood of paper holders returning to claim their gold). You are right it is the same trick in a different guise. For both are inflationary. As the surrounding society intuits the increased availability of money and raises prices. The Miracle of banking (thought devious by socialists and their shallow thinking) is exactly Keynes Multiplier in another dress- of which they approve.


If we can demolish the energy source from where feminist goons draw their strength.

 By back engineering then the multiplier of those days one can work out the real tax rates in round figures. The real tax rate in the days of Michael Joseph savage must have been near 30%. Income tax may have been lower than today but duties and costs of imported items is higher.
How did I do it? There is only 100% And the number of Government workers, pensioners and beneficiaries must have been around thirty percent of the whole population. As 7 remains in the 70% of the Hundred percent. The multiplier being a crude bulk figure- only approximate to about ten percent margin of error. Either way. So seventy percent of 'all actual potential transactions' in theory.
So what happens today when the real tax rate is 67%? Obviously from the above approximately two out of every three people are well paid or receive free income from the hard work and efforts of the non-governmental sector. That is a bit harsh and unfair on the , mainly men, who work outside in all weathers, outside of the government sector. It sounds like the mainly male sector- men being 'pushed' out of Government jobs- are paying through the nose as serfs or slaves for the public servant masters at the behest of all our unfair/unequal political parties. All of them appear happy with this horrifying disparity. While nominally you may receive the average $50,000NZ/US dollar per annum/year fully two thirds of it almost immediately returns to central/federal Government to pay for feminist and LGBQ initiatives and policy that is as likely to be hostile to your own best interest and very favourable to theirs. They are laughing at your foolishness- all the way to the bank. I think the phrase- 'throw the rascals out' is uttered for occasions exactly like this. So what is to be done- to paraphrase Lenin? Throw the rascals well and truly out- forever if possible.

This is where feminism finally comes to grief.

THE REAL TAX RATES: Include Rates, Property Taxes, Regional State Taxes, City Taxes, Car & Business & Dog Registrations, Water Taxes, Road Taxes, Compulsory Accident Insurance, Compliance Costs, permits, Fines & Fees & Other Charges, Income Taxes, Welfare Taxes and so on. Sales Taxes and University Study Loan Fees as well function as compulsory and coercive taxes!

Today a man on $21,750 actual income, pays taxes of $9,600 so ACTUAL REAL INCOME is barely $12, 100! How can one live on that?

The average working MAN pays the above out of a $45,000 main income a full 67% (around two thirds of his entire income) or $30,000 in round figures. Leaving him with just $15,000 or not much more than a pensioner.
Why then bother to do any work? He is mad to do so. Where is the incentive?
That is the AVERAGE- so some on the bulk of the Bell Shaped curve pay more! Some a little less. Most people pay these rates! Not the rich. They have fancy lawyers, accountants and Tax experts to help them avoid most taxes. The Clintons for intance avoided almost all United State taxes by hiding behind a tax free 'Foundation' where they paid themselves massive personal amounts- and still do.  How did this kind of TAX CREEP happen?




You would have to ask the question- what is life?
So much of our taxation is protection from it!
COMPULSORY Education for preparation to live life.
COMPULSORY Welfare Taxes to cover life. To undergird it but not enable it to happen. Yet, Oh, how one can envy a cripple Queen who rides in Taxis everywhere, wearing designer clothing without a care in the world. Living better than the immediate 'taxpayer' whom we can imagine pays directly for her. Crippling them financially in the process. Is this fair. Is this equality. Welfarism ensures that the 'victims' always live better than her contributing peer. With no volunteering at all; it is all compulsory.
Men having taken on ALL her 'sufferings'. This does not argue against all, or any, compassion. Just it must promise that no state ward lives higher than any 'stakeholder' as they beguilingly say today.

COMPULSORY HealthCare to fix life. (Many spend a lifetime being 'fixed')
COMPULSORY Insurance to pay for the loss of it.

With Mortgage, Transport, Energy and Food also compelled privately ; a bare five percent or so affords our ability to actually live life.
Or do the political class criminals, rock-stars and feminists do that too for us?
Who then is the muggins taxpayer? A fool for survival as his own debt shacklings,
as a real- not nominative or 'figurative slavery' -slave? Real slavery in a kind of apparent totalitarian democracy? Really totalitarian? Yes, despite cellphones, tablets, videos, digital enhancements,iPads, Android and so on. Real slavery in the form of indentured serfdom. Exact and precise. As your debt will kill you. Literally. Go ask anyone who knows the technicalities of the actual variety and conditions of the various forms of slavery- indentured sefdom is my take on the western condition of men. Search out actual slavery or look it up for multiple points of view on Google.

Today the full real & total taxes of ONE man support the better paid Government Job of another (Usually a woman) and two or three poorer people as well on Government handouts and benefits. If you divide the tax economy into tax takers and nett tax makers. It is the serious intent of this writer to suggest that because of these vicious anomalies only NETT tax makers vote in order to save any fairness left in democracy. The tax burdens of the nett tax makers must be recognized. We are not here to indulge your twee ideology. We are here to actually make real advances not phony ones. Men's Liberation is entirely about discussing that option. Is there another way? If the above condition is true then current situations between men and women cannot possible survive without radical actions.
Interestingly the multiplier, the velocity of money circulation, inflation and the level of political disappointment is all linked here economically; surely this idea alone is worth $50,000? And an Honorary PhD? Anyone?

 This is the clue we are waiting for.

None of the Government boffins in the current sorry line up could work it out.

Oh, yes... of course....there are other sources of income; (Yeah right but they too disappear in party kickbacks through employing 'stalwarts' on the understanding they contribute; they get these overpaid position- and only serve the upper levels of economics and big government projects; very little discernible trickle down)... we must consider how very like (when justified male wrath really gets going) political parties behave EXACTLY like criminal gangs- note how soft on gangs of the lower sort they are. Also how like secret societies they act. Loyalty, not to the nation, Country, Crown or USA or New Zealand ; but loyalty to the party alone. Not what is good for the people but what is good for the party. Thus they lack all integrity.

DOWNLOAD enlarged image and look at closely for a long time until you can either understand it or see what it is saying.


Tax rates and the REAL rates of tax.


Even if crushed our underlying upwelling resistance shall overcome, as in the not-going-away BREXIT & TRUMP phenomena. These two totally unalike men, as with governments in Hungary, Iceland, Poland, Holland, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Austria and soon other places, showing clearly it does not depend on ideology but raw dissatisfaction, with too heavy handed a Government interference in our private and individual lives. The mob state mentality is finished. It cannot survive anything once it has squeezed the last tax dollar out of everyone that it can. A real tax rate of One Hundred percent is plainly tyranny- and 67% or over seventy percent in some countries is way too close to that level. No wonder young people have given up even thinking of a home for themselves.  Look further here and you can work out for yourself the mechanism of how they work and why it must cease of its own rotten accord. It is not Capitalism that is collapsing worldwide; it is Socialized Capitalism and big-statism that is ending. Truly now is really- 'the "END of HISTORY" for SOCIALISM'. Not for anything else, despite also being faulty. Not at this moment. We run the country, individual people- the little guys run the country. Now get about your business and disturb us no more. The age of the big bully boy party mobster is over.



Why would you work at all? # Number ONE TIP: Had enough maths?

How personal economics works - here is my shorthand topNotch TIP.

At the 40% mark of the real tax rate whether Government employee or not- You are far better off if you become Conservative Politically than if you Vote Labour/Democrat or Socialist anything- virtually anywhere round the world.  However, all governments -even 'conservative', 'liberal', 'moderate', 'right-wing' 'nationalist', or 'republican' Governments are Socialist governments today in terms of these invasive, independence destroying tax rates.  If really independent then you privately can have the utter joy of helping people with your own money- because you know it costs you. Greatest discipline is greatest freedom- old Zen sage.  Spending other peoples money on abstract 'others' brings no joy- and some parties put this to evil uses. And you can never be sure which.
The recipient is not grateful, nor is the 'government giver' the real donor though receives thanks that is entirely unearned, the actual donor feels coerced and cheated, democracy is besmirched as deceitful and the only ones pleased are the rhetorically correct for whom none of this costs money or even hard earned work; everyone is dismayed by the final outcomes for poverty is well financed and wasted while good enterprises receive heavy bills and miserable loadings of compliance costings that virtually obliterate businesses. .

Below 40% real tax rate it could make some kind of sense - advantages of scale or some such thing- but still depends on handing your money for who-knows-what. That is why at 67% real taxes (student loan repayments, income, GST- sales tax/VAT, property rates and levies as taxes, state or regional  taxes, compulsory accident Insurances, health insurance, employment insurance and other compulsory fees, charges, taxes, levies. imposts and so on, including dog registrations, car and motor fees running charges and court penalties.) you are willingly taking part in a heavy thirty percent constant losing investment in deep poverty abiding in your country forever. All the really smart people will leave and you will never ever get them back.
That is why we have Venezuela & California as Basket cases today. The best thing for America to do is sell California to China. Unfortunately many Californians would agree wholeheartedly until they woke up next morning under Chinese administration. That would soon cure them of the California disease.
In all cases with no exceptions countries with low taxes boom and prosper. Countries with high taxes fade and die. The happy time is only at the beginning. As per Michael Joseph Savage because of low rate of the real (full & total rate of tax; in his day just 30%- so fairly safe option) rate of taxes created to pay for it.
Today at a claw back of 67% viciously destroying purchasing power any increase only speeds up the destruction of wages, production (modern Governments have so reconstructed definitions of 'production' one would have to be seriously mad to believe them) and increases the illusion- by heftily grasping such a large hunk of the tiller- that Governments 'control things'.  They don't. Despite Hegel and Marx. History rolls on with its own surprises.
Unless we unpack vast tracts of such fabulous 'control' we are doomed. Increasing handouts will actually reduce by far more the spending power. Especially at such high rates.


 Better descriptions of the actual mechanism are in my book "Tax Fodder" HERE
A NOTE: Remember I mentioned before about reverse engineering the multiplier- it probably affects the banks velocity of money too. And thus banks dip out big as well. Could be why Westpac repatriates so much profit straight away to Australia. It does not want to leave its cash a minute longer in a country run by madmen.
For at 67% real tax rate the miracle of banking figure reverts down to 3.3 with too many calls on its money to be healthy.
That is it Ladies and gentlemen- the Maurice Joseph! The ratio between the real tax rate and the multiplier: 2017- 3.3!
Colonial 10%-real tax rate/multiplier- 9/Miracle of Banking Return- 9 times
Interregnum 20% -real tax rate/multiplier- 8/Miracle of Banking Return-  8 times
Early Socialism (Michael Joseph Savage)  30% -real tax rate/multiplier-7 /Miracle of Banking Return- 7 times (base period)
Management & Control (Keynes) 40% -real tax rate/multiplier- 6/Miracle of Banking Return- 6 times
Postwar Economies 50% -real tax rate/multiplier- 5/Miracle of Banking Return- 5 Times
Modern Economies 60% -real tax rate/multiplier-4 /Miracle of Banking Return- 4 times
PostModern/End of History 67% --real tax rate/multiplier- 3.3/Miracle of Banking Return- 3.3 times (faster X 2)
 I would like to call these connections after my father Maurice Joseph O'Sullivan; Director of Treasury, Waikato Tax District- on this day 28/10/2017

 The Coefficient of Desire & Disappointment

 Moving along now with a name change; lets call the Real Rate of Tax 2RT or (2RT)
The Coefficient of Desire is a measure of the clarity of the market signal in terms of express desire. At zero- the very best government for economics the purity of the market signal is 100% perfect. The transactional choices of millions of free peoples (free peoples or free money; people who are free seldom harm one another; eg. Switzerland) Free money harms everyone as we shall see here. Money is accurately and exactly delivered to the area of the economy on the 'other side'of the transaction that is best according to the time and place and needs of these living willing participants- everyone gets busy-which is the healthiest lifestyle. No one is denied the joy of giving and great honour is given to those who humbly give. Not calling attention to themselves for political gain. They do not steal the money of others and pretend it is theirs to give.
At (2RT) of zero the Coefficient of Desire is 10 - meaning an exact match of 100%
At (2RT) of 10% the Coefficient of Desire is 9- only a ten percent blurring of CoD
 At (2RT) of 20% the Coefficient of Desire is 8- generousity is attractive and useful.
At (2RT) of 30% the Coefficient of Desire is 7- Savages legacy- the last useful level of socialism.
At (2RT) of 40% the Coefficient of Desire is 6- around here the switch occurs;results are inverted.
At (2RT) of 50% the Coefficient of Desire is 5- disappointment increases; inverse result of intent.
At (2RT) of 60% the Coefficient of Desire is 4- a full 60% confusion of desires & result
At (2RT) of 67% the Coefficient of Desire is also 3.3. Meaning that the taken money and what is left spins very fast indeed while stopping at fewer and fewer hands. Almost all decisions are made by people now NOT handling their own money so do not feel the hard earned weight of blood and sweat behind it. They spend carelessly on vaguely 'good' things whether people want it or not. Increasingly it is spent for ideological and electoral reasons- the signal is blurred by two thirds since no one at all is truly held accountable for it. In the real place of harvests and fast moving fashions people inform themselves smartly and with an eagle eye for detail and deft timeliness unmatched by any politician. A million decision makers who decide freely for free themselves is much more than a match for some slow witted and plodding political party hack who has to be paid massive amounts of boodle just to get off his fat arse and decide. He nearly always decides wrongly or too early or too late; too much or too little even if he is as he seldom is- on target, on time and on budget. If that is the case it is nearly always a loudly trumpeted fluke. Merely to look good come some new election time. In business you starve the non-profit making ventures and reward the profitable areas of your business; in politics you throw good money after miserable prospects in the belief they will vote for you.
Ever wondered where unwanted Christmas and birthday presents come from? They always come from unthinking socialist parties and Governments. Beyond the real rate of some 40% plus floating inflation the bite is so vicious that the only apparent winner seems to be the return in government receipts. That is only for a short while. Actual conditions call out for immediate cuts in fake government employment, and in business and other taxes. The government is now addicted to taxes like a drug whose good feeling straight away now evaporate. Logically the thing to do from 40% onward is to strike if you are a worker: hence the recent history of that actually happening whenever socialist parties gain power. They are brought down by their own comrades who expect more not realizing it is only to be obtained by precisely other devices than those announced by empty rhetoric and socialist propaganda. Many, so called 'right-wing' parties err in this regard too. Caught in the historical drug. For they cross the 40% line also rendering their conservative rhetoric null and void once the results of any high level of total applicable taxes reaches lower profit and incomes in wages and salaries. The 40% limit where advantages of socialism begin to cease is virtually an ironclad economic law.

There is only one way out- intense exploration of South Sea Oil resources.

They who hold the rights, and the rights to effective access could conceivably cross this ironclad drug of addiction with near impunity. That is what any military or naval struggle in the future must be about. South Antartica Ocean Oil & Gas deposits measured in the thousands of trillions in dollar value (the first Zillion level of wealth in the world) make Zealandia and its associate basin the most hazardous likelihood theatre of conflict over the next twenty years; bar none.
A (2RT) of zero is where terror alone gets anything done. ( 100% real tax rates) No one will work for useless money. We are far too far along that path already.
I predict this Government on the last ever phase of 67% governance will show signs of its inabilty to govern before three weeks, will show the initial reasons for its ultimate collapse by six weeks and we must hope it is all ended by the time three to six months is up. One cannot minority govern in a 67% (2RT) environment with socialist policies. It is impossible. 28/10/17  "We Can Do This!" No, you cannot. It is totally impossible. You must reduce the public service and reduce taxes; that way, real people- but not the government, will experience a small but discernable lift in their spending power. Do the opposite and NEITHER the government NOR the people will experience anything except deep disappointment. By several months time I think. Rhetoric says 'free education' but what is barely deliverable is a mere one year of FEES being paid. A piddlingly tiny amount in anyones book. Seventy one thousand housing units needed; yet a mere 2 Billion funding package for just four thousand houses is announced!  Which is likely all they will build as rental units; not houses as home to raise families, but rentiers flats for party coffer cash flow. Enough to siphon off any amount in dummy jobs and wages. Featherbedding so well known to the unions. Truly pathetic mismatches of rhetoric with what is possible in such socialist druggie financial realities. What we really need are not rental apartments but relocatable demountable buildings for supervised hostels. Related highly to job placements and cheaper builds outside of cities. Empty the main cities by ten percent to relieve pressure and move beneficiaries south, east or west as need arises. To each according to their needs. People may immediately feel good on hearing otherwise  of such over-hyped socialist initiatives, but their real bank balances and their relocated cupboards will tell them another story. Of course the party in the old way feel great- but just for a short time. Macron was briefly once the most popular French president ever. Now he is the most disliked and distrusted of all time. Politics is a bitch.


Imagine being that American man in the 1920s full of life and energy full of love for his wife and family and he has a new car for the first time in his life. In fact during the roaring 20s for him and for many Americans in his situation up until the 50s he would quietly and steadily acquire his own home and a beach house as well and probably a boat or a caravan to aid him camping fishing trips. He could take his boys with him and his daughters also. He would have three or four children or maybe five or six and this was perfectly normal. There was so much fun belonged to a family in those days. All of it affordable on the wages from a single job at fairly regular rates occasional overtime. And the taxes are fairly low. How was that possible?

Today a young man may have three or four casualized jobs and a large student loan to boot acquiring interest and are slowly growing personal debt which may eventually drive him to suicide and he will probably never have a wife or a child of his own. Along the way some girl may accuse him of the bad speech crime or of making threatening hate speech or of intending rape her even. It is more likely a false accusation. Nevertheless the social welfare agencies will grant her a large sum of money feel obliged to press all her charges. His life will be ruined and he will go to jail. When he gets out things are no better and he kills himself.

How did these two scenarios both very likely for their age come about? Feminism and its toxic ideology is the only difference in the meantime. By acting as the reserve army of the unemployed the women helped to lower wages and salaries creating huge difficulties for the menfolk when seeking employment. By competing with the men they drove the wages and salaries down. The purchasing power of the first situation in the 20s 30s and 40s was probably four times higher than any chance of making that great today. She raised the children in tremendous and satisfied happiness. He went to work and earn enough money for a house a cabin in the bush or a beach batch a caravan boat for them to go sailing on the lakes and the harbours of America together with their own family. Feminism has completely destroyed the first scenario. Maybe women should never have been given the vote? It is an idea. It seems to me we would be far happier in our selves and in our family. Otherwise there is virtually no family, no house, no life, no money, no holidays away in your own little cabin at the beach. No cabin cruiser. Not much of anything really yet a colossal load debt and misery.

Would it not be better just to ditch feminism? Imagine a single policy or expensive project- compared to moving men's longevity up by seven whole years- that you have given full assent and approval to prior over the last five years. None? Welcome to the club. Men pay- but what we say; that is totally ignored.
Governments are not accountable to men at all anywhere. Men's issues abound everywhere on this site and others like it on the manosphere. Left wing? Tell me why little left wing man why none of the issues that affect men except gay men ever get funding? Specifically for men, like money earmarked totally for men's health. Seven year difference and no men's ministry? No equality for men in prison, out of prison- oh, I forgot with two out of three acting all around you like unpaid spies and informers- it is like living in East Germany under both the Nazis AND the communists. We are all living in this hellhole of a feminist prison. Including the Toadies who do not allow themselves to 'know' it.

Why support it by working at all; subsistence may be the far happier alternative. This is what we see in the MGTOW movement of individual and independent men. It is an urban solution. What then about a socially  wide-spread movement? It is to forestall that option that social welfare agencies everywhere are particularly brutal to men. Men receive far less under such 'helpful' regimes also because the mainly female overseers require long lasting clients in order to keep their plantation industry growing. They have no interest at all in empowering men generally for if the backlist reduced so would their jobs and employment opportunities as Government overseers. This  type of systemic contradiction is pointed out frequently by Ivan Illych in his books 'Deschooling Society' and others. Thus we can see readily Jacindas recent announcement of increases to the 'living wage' is, in reality a signal that hundreds of thousands of young women in fake government jobs- already taking income from men will receive more from her. Talk about paying people to vote for you. This pork barrel politics was once called stuffing the ballot box and is not a reward for ones contribution to society or to Aotearoa but is political payola. A move of the lowest kind. Despicable in anyone else. Shamefully short of the good grace of true Premiership or Statesmen come Ambassador; more like a plantation owner with their lackeys, lapdogs and overseers. I dread what the nastily 'empowered' young slutwalkers will do to official Government client-slaves who happen to be male.

 GENDER SLAVERY: Men on the Block

 When the People fear the Government We Have Tyranny; When the Government Fears the People We Have LIBERTY!

 Why have all our parties not said anything-that is the real issue; fake democracy- Totalitarian Democracy I call it.

 Government Competing with men as provider. Man as Lover. Man as Bringer Up of His Own Children.
Men fear Government. Women Love it- it Gives them the Choice of a Second Provider- even another Girlfriend With No reductions in their Benefit.

Big Government is not at all in the best Interests of Men. Big Government takes a mans money heavily interferes in all his relationships with women and brings extra fatal tension into all his relationships. Wnen does Government Support men. Not ever. Mens benefits... mostly Unemployment are the LOWEST of All.

Copy this page everyone- download all pages

CREATE FOLDER- 'Masculist'  Phillip O'Sullivan

Click select download ALL individual pages into it- copyright still mine- but now we are getting dangerous.

Police and Justice etc do observe all mens rights activist stuff so be very careful what you say and speak as if they are there; try to frame things so they can understand how wrong feminism and all its outcomes for all men are. Trust no women- there was once some woman on the mens rights site who seemed to be the mans girlfriend. She was always chipping in womens stuff. As if we could be bothered. Look Honey- we have had over fifty years of this. Parity on Google or in legitimate political objections is now only a few years away. We will be the mainstream fairly soon. Then WE SHALL PROSECUTE the MOST EGREGIOUS WOMEN; only then. By LAW- our laws certainly. For we shall become the greatest movement of MEN in HUMAN HISTORY. Stick with Us- we are the ones making our history of the Male Gender Consciousness.




EXPLAINING the RISE of The New Politics


Phillip O'Sullivan's New Book







- Why today almost all Governments, even ones supposed 'right-wing' are in every significant way truly socialist to the core with fully realized social welfare systems.

- how this outer 'socialist' veneer is designed to enslave you forever. To the New World Order no less.

- the mechanism built into the taxes that will impoverish the entire world- and why.

- explore alternatives that could get us out of this gigantic mess.

- why resources are the only truly free energy source and yet why men are necessary at high cost to recover it.

- learn along the way about the gender equation and the other 'political equations' that are theoretically, logically and necessary to enable this to happen.


Tax Fodder Popular Version
1st Edition Release Planned.
By December 2018
60,000 Words.
$5.99 US

Second Edition General Version
February 30th 2019
90,000 Words
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Third Edition. Academic Version
July 2020 Planned, with all references, updates and Resources given.

Plus illustrations & Diagrams, Tables and further examples.
With possible objections covered and exploration of
alternatives -to answer the impending austerity crisis. 

Only in this book.



Taxes and feminism

Tax Feminism and Sparta: Cannon Fodder.

 Remember the movie, "The 300" they were soldiers from Sparta trained from boyhood to die state overseers and Plantation's were matrilineal inheriting women. It was a matrilineal society; a matriarchy run by females for the benefit of female is into the deadly demise of men.

Today our boys are not trained as soldiers to die they have pushed them quite the opposite way. Feminising them by keeping them far too long in the company of women and excluding men as much as possible from their lives so that they become super sensitive boy – girl millennial creatures of no fixed gender. Vapid and vacuous nothings of almost no use to anybody. Fit for the slaughter on the ideology of the state. Toyboy's as meat upon Judy Chicago's table. Empty live'd denizens of nowhere. Brain dead and dumbed down so that they are no obstruction in feminism's absurd progress to absolute power. Which they believe is the source of captivating charisma. A sort of politics for cosmetic reasons. I look better in power than out of it. As if the real anointing of authority depend upon being at the head of a dazzling display of nothing.

 Men pay the money women spend them. The Top Ten Feminists in every category should worry about the ethics, fairness, balance and accuracy of things they have said, done and pronounced upon in the past. There will be some accounting to be done. Prosecutions must surely follow. Millions of male babies have died.
Thousands of Men sent into suicide. Boys molested by women, feminist taunts and abuse/abuses. There will be legal remedies taken. Confess now how you feel about it and much forgiveness can take place. Later will be too late. All men will be believed. No women. As is the reverse now. Justice department instruction and overseers guidelines.

Extortion and taxes


Lament of the Death Culture

 Compulsory Political Neutrality from All Our Public Servants.

You accept the Kings Coin/ CROWN office- you do what the King/CROWN says.

Like a soldier-go where the crown says- speak when the crown says- no offside political action strict neutrality public private life- or other solution no vote.

Incestuous Government- Labour Councils, Mayors and Labour Governments.

Clea sweep proof of long thought out conspiracy well funded and directed by the Chinese Government- as in Fiji?

True they are the only ones currently who want an Oblate Model access to Enlarged South Antartic Ocean Oil- Which is entirely what New zealand Politics today is about but with fairer open tender process. Americans included not secretly 'cut-out'- as in the Labour deal.

Labour is signing foreign Government deals for Campaign funding to Foreign Nations before actually becoming Government.

This is treason, public fraud and sedition. Betraying the New Zealand people behind their backs into preemptive relations.

We must investigate this further.


 The Two Economies.



Working for Families & Taxes


Perversion & Taxes

Pleasing everyone while  disappointing those who pay

Tax and control/management/power/sujugation/terror and force/right to rebel/ tyranny/suppression & Oppression.

A crime is committed- who benefits-follow the money

What to do Chatham Island Owenite Community Prison for main players

 Are antifa an attempt to derail the mens movement? If so people changing sides- people with a conscience are our friends. We appeal for you to come forward.

All the better if it costs you. You are OUR hero. They noticed your less than full fervour anyway- nothing will satisfy them. A great place amoung us will be your reward. We love all the women who join us.

Revolt of the Centre.

The International brigade are now the enemy?

Is New Zealand pulling in the drawbridge up into Jacinda Aherns safe place. Little Island New Zealand, land of the slave. A cannibal culture eatings its own? 600,000 human sacrifices rendered in meat. Greeting the stranger by grabbing his nose? So he does not smell the culture of death. The bitter sweet flavour of decease.

Taxes & people

Does free money ennoble people or empower them anyway? No, it makes them say a stinking yes to a pile of offal.

Tax Limits


 No one ever considers there may be tax limits to Government plans. One Hundred percent is an obvious one.

Slavery is like that; owner provides accomodation, food (of a kind) and miserable day long hard back breaking work. Irish people were so hated by the British plantation owners that they were enslaved as well. Having so little value that if you killed one by the lash there was no fine. Black slaves had some indirect 'protection' then. For if you killed one there was restitution to be paid to the British plantation owner. You could say 100% tax was extracted from their lives. They did receive a little 'benefice'- their food, -their accomodation-their employments; from their 'government'- the British Plantation owner and his 'public servants' the overseers.

Today men are the slaves of leftist-feminist Governments everywhere. Men do the hardest, most unfashionable, hottest, dirtiest and coldest and the more miserable work. Extracting much more than half their income from them. Leaving them in fact just the food money, clothing and mortgage or rent money. The governments leave you with just the third of salary or wages. Building housing exclusively so they can rent them out in the cities to government workers and overseers. Government has now become a Rentier. Like the Universities. They then make even more money from you but do not call it a tax. Thus we become actual tax slaves not rhetorical ones. Impoverishment of this kind suit socialist governments as it means you are tied all the more closely to the Nanny States apron strings. And will agree with whatever else they have up their sleeve. Like sell out Aotearoa to the Illuminazi hellhole world Government through the United Nations, the World Bank and other indentured slavery agencies and overseers. We are being tax farmed into the international criminal Bankers cartel whether we like it or not for access to South Seas Oil in the South Antartic Oceans. That is the real plan. On the cheap too. Man do they sellout cheap. Cowards hungry for power they neither deserve nor honestly won. Lick their boots when they shoot you.

Taxes and a binding Gov constitution

taxes and money-purchasing power and the need for the best & highest possible price for ones own strong currency- weak currency tends to ward the weimar state whose ultimate play is hitlereanism replayed. Soviet rouble inflation and population depredation

Taxes make one subjugated subjects/ democracy and taxes


History & Taxes

Government Control and its limits of Citizens


Tax Takers and tax makers/tare Ao Take to tarry and take tax as anarchist theft/ property is theft/ profit is theft/ tax as theft. Theft as a poor mans profit.

What are excess taxes- taxes and freedom tax and dergulation tax and the right to vote- why bother the poor

Does the tail wag the dog? Security and somnolence- the unfittingness of security blanket governments and peoples to withstand competition and foreign onslaughts.

Tax tyranny and the public services

WINZ gives more money to women on a per person basis than Men receive- men are therefore discriminated against- free confession of this= reprieve

Repreive but greivous occurrences you remain and name names for the inevitable 'revolution' or transformation.

Who who seeks transformation must herself be transformed- now takes on a different meaning on this website. Prepare a list of those who have discriminated openly or secretly against men. Bounty for free hunters.

Rewards for good spies. Greater rewards for the more masculist useful information. We seek whistleblowers and internal agents of the transformed transformation. WINZ insiders. Justrice department article archives. White papers- Internal Documents. Genuine material please.

Lincolns Tax

The real sources of wealth

Welcome to NZ Venezuela! And to the French VENEZUELA also.

How feminism and the greenies fail all tests of good government.


My Background and credentials for these views.

Phillip O'Sullivan on his father's side comes from a long line of Catholic scholars in Ireland. On my mother's side there are University professors in the sciences, mainly biology, and they worked at the University of Canterbury agricultural Institute outside Wye the town she was born in Kent England.
My father retired as head of the Treasury Department for the Waikato tax District.
In my own education I attained the classes in mathematical mechanics – that is a level of mathematics that is pre-University physics type mathematics where you have multi variant and dynamic answers to calculus questions as an matrix arrays & equations. And binomial theorems with Algebra by the ton.
Before going to art school.
I was an early reader in my team of scientific journals and non-fiction literature like books on probability and chance, histories of modern mathematics in cosmology like Jagit Singh and Wittgenstein, A. J. Ayer and other writers on mathematical logic. See my website on in the Minimalism.

Phillip O'Sullivan has worked in Government as a Qualified Railway Officer. As a Tertiary Level Teacher, as an adult education instructor, as an artist in an independent business and as solo father and househusband in the early days of feminism so I have seen all these issues from a number of disparate sides.
Philip has written 12 early books on masculist politics and theory. Ending only recently what he called his 'writing apprenticeship of these three later years' from 2014-2017. Currently 'taking a year off' from his novel, poetry and non-fiction projects. He never intended the second of  these two websites until the last election.

Devoted to driving feminism from all public life as a negative force that could destroy us all; including feminists. Feminism ultimately- as is socialism- is neither any good for socialists or feminists. We have possibly entered the event horizon however in feminism leading to the socialist death spiral. This is my cry. Against that possibility.







Masculist Book recommendations

These are the books this whole site references for its authority
Everything stated here is backed up by one or other of books like these.
However I consider their 'interpretations' weak and their recommendations for ACTION- in the light of population, economic, political and massive government funding biases to be highly regretable at best. For instance their recommendations are small in scale or dismissively 'ironic' as if we were talking about some tiny 'bad joke' incident.
The ramifications as to the survival of Western Civilization is really what at stake- and thus the deeper ironies run in precisely the opposite direction; how will feminism survive if it successfully destroys the so called capitalist/patriarchy/deep state structures on which it so seriously depends?









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