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Or Population Over Copulation?


What if going all out broke for copulation cost you your job?

Yet going first for population gave you wealth, dignity, honour, respect and sex as well with even better women? Why?  Basically, more people to work for, both in business and in living employment.

Is the purpose of copulation population?
In nature...that is...or, is, instead the purpose of population to have as much copulation as possible. The greater happiness of the greater number? Perhaps.


What could that lead to? A prime concern with less population in order... not bothering with the kids... to copulate more? Huxley was more honest on this one when he admitted that the sexual mores or behaviour he and his friends favoured determined he and his friends choices in politics.

Phillip O'Sullivan

There are consequences however if population is a prime driver of the economy. The one underneath all the other ones said to be underneath. Like the nebulous 'primary forces of historical materialism' in Marxism. Basically it is an abstraction with no measurable correlate. Failing its own materialist ethos renders it completely unscientific.

Phillip O'Sullivan

Just like today; everything is a theory. Critical theory, Marxist theory, feminist theory, global warming theory, evolution theory, environmental theory- all is just theories; theories of everything rule the day and other fairies of the night rule the deity. Things are reified (made real)- which they were anyway; and vague speculations are dealt with as if rock solid facts. Nowhere can postmodernism be true except by shere random accident- sound familiar? It is because it is the Darwinism of the intellectual life; what you believe in one major area academically or scholastically has to affect the passion with which you carry out your other beliefs.(effect) Fashion in feelings, sentiments and passions (affect) usually works to confirm the things you are wanting to do. Like have a lot of sex with a lot of people; a common one that could end your life in a very common way-illness, disease, sickness and death.
Whereas concentrating on others first is more likely to obtain for you everything you really want (an over active sex life could blind you to the finer choices and unsuit you in health, wealth and energy levels for the people in your life who come to matter most of all- a selfish man in the end is a brute and ends much like an animal).
Having a large funeral is no guarantor of a wonderful eternity.


Example; Categorically say 'if you took all of the wealth of the entire peoples of the earth from throughout history could you so much as budge just one molecule of carbon out of the sky'. And if we did nothing at all would that change any the outcome? I seriously doubt it. How do you remove the bad Carbon Dioxide and leave the Good carbon dioxide alone since BOTH are the same chemical precisely and exactly?

And, if so, if you could- how would you prove it?

 Theories are dangerous things if tied to actual concrete expenditures. All that may be so much colossal waste-there are absolutely no guarantees.


Forbidden sex may seem exciting- and it is; skulking around away from other friends, husbands, wives, girlfriends, family- is like a spy adventure full of sibulant whispers secret thoughts and assignations, hurried, furtive and ....seldom accomplished transgressions or violations....much more thrilling than the other kind. Like being in some dark dramatic movie all of your own- yet as it becomes part of your lifestyle you begin to appear to others as slightly sleazy and the girlfriends are not all that classy. Classy takes time. And real solid value even longer- the Jews have something there, delayed gratification.

It builds far better, stronger and richer families. You do not even think about it but you can hold your head up anywhere, making high quality contacts and friends you did not even suspect were so highly placed to help you.

They will be looking out for that understated yet deep, higher-quality standard.

With these theories where is the real world check? Saying something is 'reified' really does not cut it.

Science is hard data. Not some wooly little 'peer reviewed' piece of shit. They could be all your friends. They just like the way you puke when you're drunk. It is also known in classic logic as the fallacy of authority. Real science doesn't actually exist! Who confirms experiments? No one- there is NO KUDOS. Therefore no one does it; no glory, no money. So it is not independently checked. At all. In the face of that see how miserable 'peer review' actually is. Therefore contemporary science doesn't exist. Not at all. We are exactly where we are if we did not 'read' or 'know' this stuff; we literally do not know it- opinion, in the meantime is not valid science. Science costs would double into the trillions overnight if they did. At least according to Kuhn and Popper who designed the modern 'scientific' method. By it none of it is real; it is all just theory. Theory this, theory that. Not worth anything until verified.

Science is not a popularity contest. Nor a beautiful ideas parade.

Truth can be ugly.

Science first won its spurs in public respect. There is that sneaky population again. When it worked well on matters that people could use and understand. People stood under it in awe of it's practicality. As we do with technology today. People trust it. People do not trust theories.

Science is at risk from theories. Science tells lies. Not in theoretical ways either.

 It sucks up enormous sums of money.


Technology costs little yet delivers wonders.

 Copulation is like theory. In theory it brings greater temporary joy. In practice there is more divorce and broken families on the ground.




First book in the m a s c u l i s t  FEMINIST Series by Phillip John O’Sullivan

First book in the m a s c u l i s t FEMINIST Series by Phillip John O’Sullivan

From a life of broken fragments.

In a world dominated by feminism.

A weak man becomes strong.

Writing fierce masculist ideas.

Searching a big library like Massey University system catalog Phillip O’Sullivan found over 403,300 entries for ‘feminist’ texts by over 300,000 female writers and academics. While only two books by onemale author Dr Warren Farrell featured under the ‘masculist’ term. He determined to write his own. Facing down the Professors on the Politically correct Fine Arts Course.

m a s c u l i s t FEMINIST’ is the result of that costly encounter. This is what men do. Take the hard knocks for the greater good.

There are three stages to masculist thinking so far; analysis and description, interpretation and fierce polemic (stirring the troops; rousing the men) and thirdly; solutions for politics and victory. We can win this! And more importantly, must win this for the good of all; feminism otherwise is destroying us. This book explains copulation over population.

Warren Farrell’s Myth of Male power’ I can recommend: it is full of useful masculist facts. However, his interpretations and ‘solutions’, cannot be masculist ones but feminist in flavour.

Which is where m a s c u l i s t FEMINIST comes in. This book provides the fully fledged masculist politically aware gender consciousness point of view entirely for men.

Because real male rights placed back into gender politics can create arguments for men’s right to power.

Men must learn to talk this masculist language of policy, for the language of politics is policy. And masculist politics depends on good and powerful arguments. Like copulation over population

Read this book for the sake of the women and children in your family.

Be the man in a mind full of strong ideas.


Fighting for Survival
Purchase Now; Click HERE US$4.99


What Outcomes Are Expected.

A changed consciousness for men.

A new political awareness for men.

An improved male gender esteem. Greater respect for men.

A better future for all.

A better future the young boys.

A better future the young men.

A better future for young women. For this, amazingly, is what women really need, some want, as the feminist future envisaged for them and for all of us is unthinkable as it will not work except under severe duress of tyranny. In the long run feminism fails to do what all women must do as a group as a gender that is to produce the future generations. If feminism fails to do that we have no future. Marriage has no future. Relationship has no future. Families have no future. Society has no future. Worst of all neighbourhoods in communities will collapse, the quality personal polity of politics will collapse; economic collapse is only part of it is a sure sign of it. Welfare economics driven by feminist and female consciousness the soft fluffy edged emotion driven unreality feminine sensitivity leads to flim flam policy and the financing and funding of flim flam outcomes which are a complete waste of men's working capacity, his energy, his effort, his usefulness, his essential fundamental contribution to the running construction and maintenance of almost everything you see around us.












Masculist Book recommendations

These are the books this whole site references for its authority
Everything stated here is backed up by one or other of books like these.
However I consider their 'interpretations' weak and their recommendations for ACTION- in the light of population, economic, political and massive government funding biases to be highly regretable at best. For instance their recommendations are small in scale or dismissively 'ironic' as if we were talking about some tiny 'bad joke' incident.
The ramifications as to the survival of Western Civilization is really what at stake- and thus the deeper ironies run in precisely the opposite direction; how will feminism survive if it successfully destroys the so called capitalist/patriarchy/deep state structures on which it so seriously depends?





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