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     This website is interested in one thing.

    Creating Winning Arguments & Debate Points

    To move beyond the matriarchy; or even to ending feminist ideology.


Especially in its malignant aspects that involve the West



There is no interest here in any soft accommodations with University women or with  radical feminism.

  Just for being female-and having an ideology alone to back them. Men have lived too long in a matriarchal environment that over rode men’s human rights at every turn calling itself 'equality' what sham liberalism: without an answering call from a male supportive gender consciousness that put the case for men on each issue. As no men were ever asked. Foolishly we really did trust women to be self policing; self critical and logically analytical as they outlined their position. It was theirs and theirs alone so we left them to it. Trusting they knew what they were talking about, why would they need us to speak alongside them- nor did we demand such.  How foolish was our trust. For they were creating a massive ideological war against us all the time; viciously denigrating men, boys, the male gender and masculinity with an arrogant sneer and livid representations full of unjust bile and huge hot polemics raging fully unleashed upon us behind our backs. Always armed to the teeth with "statistics" that appeared from nowhere. It was all lies as 20 year tenured Columbia University Professor Dr. Christina Hoff-Somers showed, in her sisterhood-breaking book, 'Who Stole Feminism' as also did, separately Dr. Warren Farrell- former sole male member of Americas National Organization of Women - in his early masculist book, on coming out from NOW- "The Myth of Male Power" . Both these books only now reaching a wide general male public from the gender studies and women's studies departments where-on issue and from publication, they languished for over twenty years. Truly 2013 was the breakthrough year for the men's liberation movement.


They Waged War Unbidden


The lone voice heard was overwhelmingly female. Feminism is not always 50/50 when it comes to men’s poverty, men’s housing needs to be met (men are 90% or more of the homeless; this is always grossly underreported as no address means no data means the problem does not exist. No demographic methods exist in order to uncover this by unmotivated female demographers.) or post divorce access and shared custody of children and asymmetric court outcomes that heavily favour women.  In the range of 90% women to 10 percen men having access, custody or care of children. Plus hundreds more urgent issues relevant to men. Thus masculist ideas are necessary to properly formulate Liberation for all men. Feminism-from its name on- singularly omits to do. Name one politically funded program promoted by women for men? cannot do it: neither can I think of one idea from feminism that builds up men’s consciousness: as a gender considered already OK. Something we are good for-emanating from feminist theory itself-free from ‘male roles’ perhaps? Yet we are still required to perform them right? It is only theory for feminism; that men have rights too, plus issues that need fixing- though not by men themselves? They want to get rid of us-unless it is to pay the bills, pay attention to their narcissism, or pay the penalty for their false accusations. We have to fix women’s ‘issues’ but to feminism men are the issue. A new version of the blame game- much like the Catholic church; another system of guilt.  Not even paid parental leave for men. This website is a complete, feminist ending: Revolution for men.


We are , finally, moving on from the matriarchy.


Not Supremacism: SURVIVAL!


Women have their ‘feminist freedom illusion’  now for more than fifty years. By treachery and betrayal have failed to do their minor part. To have the children required for our collective future together. Yet laid claim to only the best and major of men’s more necessary world as if they too had earned the rights to it.  Forgetting conveniently the competitive, earned cost of many another mans risky failure down the other end of society; what Dr Warren Farrell calls the ‘glass cellar’.  Men succeeded as CEO’s because fierce competition weeded out the Darwinian unfit; women do not undergo this process, but cheat through a lying ideology and false statistics to put forward their completely spurious claims.  Therefore these ‘feminist CEOs will fail when the going gets rougher. ‘This sham succeeded for half a Century because men could not think matriarchal tyranny to be so bold in their delusion. As being unaware of the costs involved that only the male gender truly bore. Failing miserably to do their part in even having the children necessary for the future good of Western society.

This is already causing the imminent collapse of Western culture and ethnic integrity. As in, for example;  the furiously ‘nannified’ state of Greece. Thus their false ‘freedom’ is a mirage. Biting the future hand of the body that feeds and nourishes them.  All of them will be destroyed in a feminist driven population economy collapse – currently in its easy ‘austerity’ phase.

Later it will be even harder.

Men are ready to do their necessary part with cooperating female thinkers like Masculist women. Women who are pro-men. Not ‘feminized’ men.  The masculist revolution for masculine men is already here. Wussies betray us.

We belong already to the future. Working MEN of the world unite!

We have nothing to lose but these hideous feminist chains.


We are not interested in whining but in winning.

Masculists do not complain, they do.

This is the best defense for the male gender.

By men, for men.  This is a Revolution for alpha men by men alone.

Men influence the future in the public economy.

The currency of women is private community.

Women influence the future through the children.

This feminine networking is free. This is female freedom.


Men’s economy is productive. It is public and creates many permanent masculine things like bridges, roads, highways, necessary to all of society.

Women’s economy is intimate, private and of feelings. It is close, committed and full of children. No woman is more happy than a woman with children. This is her investment in the future.

The feminist failure to do this creates collapse.

Men deserve to vote for the  masculine future.

Men’s currency is shared money; it belongs to them exclusively.

It is a convenient abstract bill-of-exchange for all the other permanent deals and structures other men create.



Women mixing in the male economy of production gravitate toward the repeat types of work; you know, repeat-repeat, copycat stuff that is not really innovative or risky. Men do the big stuff still. Women the little itty bitty flim flam things, the things that are n i c e yet unnecessary. We do love them for it though- so this too is necessary for the continuation and survival of the human species.

Masculist Men do the necessary things, the things no one wants to do. The real shit work of society. The women’s economy outside of the house is a flim flam economy; nice yet not necessary. Oh yeah, they still do ‘work’ but it is not cumulative, you cannot build on it; it is just repeat, repeat. Re-productive =copy.

They are still re-productive, but out of place.


Men are productive, public; and do the necessary masculist things.

Money is necessary, respect is necessary in the male exchange economy.

Women’s economy in the wrong place is a flim flam economy.

Women’s economy of love and intimacy in the right place breeds happiness for all.

Feminism alone is selfish elevation for a very few elite early adopters.

The later women pay the price for their success; 50% divorce rate equals probable destitution and a permanent old age in poverty.

Three jobs and still in debt is not the rosy future feminism promised.

Because their are no customers for your work- you did not have them!


Competition is man’s field but even men give up (dead beat dads caused by misplaced feminist production aura!) – it is especially pointless.

Men’s production is useful for all.


    The feminist equality does not work for men; it means laid off, no work, no kids, no family, poverty and discrimination against men so widespread that feminism is an evil joke filled with bitterness.



Masculists change all that.





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