Inequality of Outcomes

For Men. Equality is an issue for men. Yet not in the way this is generally constructed ‘for us’. it is not necessarily what other men together will freely construct for themselves as a ‘politically aware gender consciousness’. Given the full range of issues men may find concerns about as a gender. Can you think of some. Check out masculist websites. What if men required full equality of outcomes in the courts over custody cases. Anything less than a full 50/50 split would be unequal right?
Since this is not the case.
Certain things logically follow.
State agencies are acting illegally. inequality for men is a sign of bigotry. It is part of an illegal state apparatus malignant to men, against men’s interests. So it is institutionalised bigotry toward men this time. it is massive. More like 10 to 90 odds; the sort of thing ‘occupy’ communists claim concern about in regard to degrees of disparity anyway. This inequality though is against men. This is gender discrimination. Discrimination is illegal. I want to see Judges in Jail for such discrimination. Do you think this is fair. I very much do think this outcome would be justice. Are Judges above the law?

Judges are acting illegally.

Marriages are failing at a high rate under this false pressure.
Family courts.
ie Ten percent lawyers get off murderers=who kill again- when ten are reached no more law! Career ended in law. They are acting too cleverly- murderers are getting off free. Build a feedback loop into it.
Bad judges judgement masculist demands; bad judges with inferior justice results that are clearly biased; measured by outcomes alone not being fifty percent.
 Penellty; off bench forever, out of law forever, out of public eye, no public office votes or jobs or contracts. Not to act in any freelance 'legal' capacity or else Jail! No exceptions male or female record alone counts.
Fifty fifty jail terms/ conviction else men walk free! In the /any outside 'overhang' the authorities take consequences subsequently choose carefully reoffenders both men wonmen have consequences for law/lawyers... you liberal lawyers if you defend men/women who offend again... jail! no exceptions.Third time = capital offence! Third time murderer walks free Jail, sixth time murderer kills again as client former of lawyer defend therefore carefully/ carelessly if kills again. Ninth time lawyer gets off murderer and they kill again faces murder by legal processes. As accessory. first time independent lawyer, plus jury etc; second time lawyer plus judge no jury. Third time (do not forget 27 people have now died, three X three{nine within each case}) Then LAWYER faces electric chair.
Limits to Civil Rights

Women are blackmailing men to stay in unwanted, intolerable marriage arrangements. Masculism is about equalising the pressure in all cases considered contrary to men’s interests. Masculism represents mans voice. Masculism considers the ideas and philosophy of the male gender. What is justice for men; equality of Court outcomes is one such idea.

From a life of broken fragments.
In a world dominated by feminism.
A weak man becomes strong.
Writing fierce masculist ideas.


Searching a big library like Massey University system catalog Phillip O’Sullivan found over 403,300 entries for ‘feminist’ texts by over 300,000 female writers and academics. While only two books by one male author Dr Warren Farrell featured under the ‘masculist’ term. He determined to write his own. Facing down the Professors on the Politically correct Fine Arts Course.

m a s c u l i s t FEMINIST’ is the result of that costly encounter. This is what men do. Take the hard knocks for the greater good.
There are three stages to masculist thinking so far; 1) analysis and description, 2) interpretation and fierce polemic (stirring the troops; rousing the men) and thirdly; solutions for politics and victory. We can win this! And more importantly, must win this for the good of all; feminism otherwise is destroying us. This book explains copulation over population.
Warren Farrell’s Myth of Male power’ I can recommend: it is full of useful masculist facts. However, his interpretations and ‘solutions’, cannot be masculist ones but feminist in flavour.

Which is where m a s c u l i s t FEMINIST comes in. This book provides the fully fledged masculist politically aware gender consciousness point of view entirely for men.
Male Rights

Because real male rights placed back into gender politics can create arguments for men’s right to power.
Men must learn to talk this masculist language of policy, for the language of politics is policy. And masculist politics depends on good and powerful arguments. Like copulation over population
Further Notes
In­equal­ity of In­come

 Sounds fair doesn't it? Even the New World Order (Unicef) and other Zionazis have bought into this one in it's simplistic form. Can they be wrong? Yes if we con­sider one other thing.
Equal pay for equal work sounds like the most self evid­ent, self proven state­ment of a real so­cial in­equal­ity yet. Noth­ing could be clearer; mil­lions be­lieve it. it means women should be paid more for whatever they now cur­rently do. And are being so. Why might men ob­ject?
There reas­ons why they might. Such as the con­sid­er­a­tion of 'equal­ity of con­di­tions' under which this much touted 'fem­in­ist equal­ity' might not work as well for men.
Work is a tech­nical mat­ter on one hand: mass times dis­tance by time.
We are paid by time, de­term­ined by the mass of work that we do and kind of the dis­tance that ef­fects (not af­fects; for that is an im­meas­ur­able art) .
W= MxDxT
Work equals Mass by the dis­tance (mul­ti­plied) in the time avail­able
So equal masses by equal dis­tances equate with equal work.
Say, Ten boxes of equal weight (Mass is the same as say­ing  'weight') moved ten metres in one hour.
Ten women move Ten boxes of equal weight a dis­tance of ten metres in one hour.
Ten men also move ten boxes of equal weight  a dis­tance of ten metres in one hour.
There­fore they should be paid the same.
Case closed.
It's a no brainer; right?   

Ex­cept the men are prob­ably mov­ing these ten boxes under en­tirely dif­fer­ent and ad­verse con­di­tions to that of the women.
It is wet, it is cold, there is a howl­ing wind threat­en­ing to blow them away.
Fur­ther­more it is dark; ar­ti­fi­cial light flashes spas­mod­ic­ally, light­ing but haphaz­ardly the scene, as does light­en­ing fierce and dazzling; blind­ing in its sud­den fury.
For ex­ample; on a pitch­ing ship in the middle of a storm (one man is swept over­board) late at night far from home; tired, sleep­less and without rest-as this is an emer­gency to save the cargo and the very profit linked per­form­ance of their la­bours. They do not get paid if either the cargo or the ship is lost.
Whereas, the women have reg­u­lar hours in a well kept build­ing cosy either in winter or high sum­mer, with a works cafet­eria, con­tract cater­ers and clean­ers, a car­park, vis­it­ing doc­tor and con­veni­ent hours with guar­an­teed pay.
Equal pay for equal work under the same con­di­tions changes everything.
For if the con­di­tions for men are more fre­quently more ar­du­ous, then this dif­fer­ence is re­flec­ted in the greater pay.
Men are paid more for a reason. Their work tends to be dirtier, more danger­ous, more life des­troy­ing, at risk of maim­ing, or ca­reer ac­count­ab­il­ity, or death and crip­pling dis­eases or sick­ness, other smelly in­dus­trial af­flic­tions, risk­ing bank­ruptcy, losses or other re­verses, in cli­mate colder, hot­ter or wet­ter and more un­com­fort­able.
Equal pay in ef­fect lowers the per­ceived value of the male gender, lowers his power, lowers there­fore his status to the level below its true human value to that of serf­dom or even in­den­tured slavery at the whim of the fem­in­ist mat­ri­archy. When men see this as true they may well rise up to over­throw this mis­aligned dis­valu­ing sys­tem in fa­vour of Male rights or even an ab­so­lute male order of gov­ernance. This we must be aware of and con­sider.

Why POLITICS in Art: We came not to study Political Science nor the Habitus of the Left Wing

But to study art, artists, methods, of drawing, sculpting, painting photography etcetera: what the fuck has any sort of politics got to do with it? Why have stasi thought police. Down with political correctness! KGB go home! Mossad fuck off! Zionism go shit yourself. Who the Hellish hell do you think you are. I am me not you so piss off! Commie Gulag deniers ten times worse than Adolf: killing men women and children even today just for their dissidence, beliefs, or lack of 'loyal' revolutionary fervor: even today! Today! Today! you moronic murderers. Who do you evil bastards think you have any moral/political right whatsoever to tell us how to think, question, decide, talk and see: SEE! at art school! when your own eyes are blind to the uttermost stupidity of your self serving ideology. It is your ideology today that is the DOMINANT POWER HEGEMONY via the Zionist Bankers who are in reality Capitalist/Communist cartel-liers. A monopoly, not of dangerous ideas. Yet dangerous because a monopoly of boring ones. These people read their own stuff, no one elses, they are THEREFORE colossally ignorant. Read the very best of both sides. I've heard Right Wing commentators (I'd only call them pundits or commentators not philosophers) that no one calls that intellectually pretentious bullshit 'thinkers'  who have argued exactly like, EXACTLY LIKE Zizeck, using exactly the same rhetorical structure as Zizeck (probably that Lesbian Republican woman: very good, more sensible and way better than that Zizecki twerp: waving his arms (like David Bellamy) toward himself...his one and only constant gesture (boy intellectuals are thick- they miss the obvious!).. toward himself in that narcissistic idiocy that says LOUDLY: 'mummy look at Meeeee! Look at Meeeee mummieeee...!'  in such a hurried voice (another clue: like a the worst ever of the used car salesman spiels rushing you into decision and a judgement you can only regret) ...  that can only cause the thoughtful to ask why the rush, if it is a good idea in its own merits who needs the very bad, mother-needing theatrics.

Exactly like Zizeck, yet preloaded with different data: The sad thing is that these ideas on both sides of the culture divider are actually in many cases testable, and intellectuals hate testing things, that's science. But they do not ever test them. Ever.  Even too lazy to BEGIN to think of constructing how it could be tested: as intellectuals like whining kiddies, love to talk not do the thing itself that justifies them, think. Never expect to have an intellectual think, especially a new thought.  That is way too hard for her: recycle old ideas as your own, cite to cover your ass, and put out the most unbelievable things, omit to test, test! O my what a dirty idea, like holding you responsible. Just as we did with Rosenberg the Nazi publisher. O yes, borrow the scientific model, mimic its formats but never actually get down and dirty, even talking dirty, the shibboleth of the lazy left is far cleaner than actually testing things scientifically. Pity is that most things in our world, both right and left, are established rhetorically: in the media, at university, by sheer weight of citation (just quote all your friends books, none others) in politics, in life, virtually everywhere... and all of it is sheer wasted effort in that it has no reality at all, except that of hot air and cleverer than thou utterance. Welcome to the Western loony bin.
Nanny State

Whatever is the State doing financing political left wing correctness from all of the taxpayers money? Academic freedom? To only give one side of a larger debate: fifty Freaking years of Marxist/Feminism in Journalism/Media Studies Political Science, Art Schools and Linguistics, Sociology, Anthropology, all the little hidey-holes of defunct socialist romanticism. Why not fifty years of Capitalist/ Masculism just to compensate... with not a squeak allowed out of the left in any form, and they called it 'academic freedom' and balanced education? How are they disciplines at all if they live only in the brown trough of ignorance. Ignoriance is to deliberately ignore things, at University level. These shallow pimps read only their own material they do not behave like unbiased objective professionals devoting as much time and effort to the very best of the right for example from the old intellectual right  Ezra Pound, T S Eliot, Salvador Dali, Gertrude Stein, Von Mises and many others opposite or differing from that of the minuscule pea brained left.

If we lost the next war the Nuremberg tribunal or the  then World Court would have to hang all our University Publishers, Professors and Writers for having written and spoken, knowingly in support of the politics of complete and utter nonsense. unbalanced nonsense at that.
I think I shall buy shares in rough rope and piano wire: I sense a growth spurt coming.
Every system, every single one runs stuff: schools, postal services, railways etc... with taxes (price & ideological profit to play with: the left is like them all, an elite without a job unless they fuss up enough to artificially construct themselves one: hence they are utterly utterly useless parasites) as they plan: they themselves must be eliminated from the social equation: less taxes, more freedom is the way for artists: STOP GOVERNMENT interference in art.. It is a side issue: always status quo. Boring as. Devolution is the way to go.
Politicians Out of Politics

Politics is TOTALLY unimportant to an artist: Population determines everything, and is very good at arts patronage as meaning more eyes and ears to listen and look at our artwork with its mainly personal/universal message freedom is what we want. It is we who do the thinking behind our own artwork, we are not here to leave a trace of rotten socialist ideas.  Not Socialist Realism or Agit Propaganda! No revolutionary trains of art for the southern pederastic cossacks to rape the young male and female peasants.

Read this book for the sake of the women and children in your family.
Be the man in a mind full of strong ideas.

Danger to DEMOCRACY Mob rule = dictator or counter coup Taxocracy
Pop economy
European Collapse

Tax Takers/makers
tarry & Take
Tax and tyranny rates compared absenteeism drunkeness happiness index. Soviet Union Home schooling
2 Economies State sector non productive Electricity department refused top pay taxes hired more lawuyers.
1 million and Above Tax Tzar to collect 80% taxes (at reasdonable 20% level of suspected outflows repatriated funds.)from high level avoiders by

2 economimies for womens fake work assistant aides etc nurse aides nurses too lazy.


Little scenario
Men in 50s
Wife Car House bach/caravan Tent poool/Garageno overtime or plenty available.4/5 or six kids rare divorces
Happy as

Today with feminism
Divorced... lesbian lover free not him he pays another man? He pays. Unjust!
Men are angry fob off of anger manage,ment doues not work.
Cars 800 living rough in Auckland.
1000 or more in cars 500 or so on foot in tents  
500 in shops or couch serfing
Divorced drunk non productive=pain suffering
Withdraw go slow passive resistant sabotage terrorists riots
Strikes equivalent. downward cycle of unseen violence suicide pathological side of this.
No house No kids
No money, no dignity
No caravan, dodgy vehicle income levels to maintain 20K per year. otherwise no licence linked to tax numbers benefit number
Hostels for solo mums compulsory; must cease.
State as husband competing with men.
Winz office discrimination

Wellington Central Mission
St vincent de Paul YMCA
Social workers need more men for male clients men receiving up to 100 less per week if women living in cars granted would be automatically 360 or more per week; for men in same circumstances thousands more men NZ never more wealthy than today... solve social costs other ways
not on the backs of labouring men
Labour party has crudely and miserabl;y abandoned the labouring man on which their party was once built in favour of lessies and poufters. Unbelievable betrayal!

fiat they haver to prove they do not owe them.

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