Why Masculism? Men give the seed of life. No greater love that men lay down their lives.


i. Death Culture

ii.  Barren future economy, cultural destruction and end of white reverse racism; inverted racism trecherously betraying their own european peoples. Sedition and cultural treason worthy of death.

iii. False statistics and mendaciouys lies; lies piled upon lies= propaganda, repitition and deliberate programmatic ignorance; a conspiratorial litany of lies.

0. The death culture & Cult of Feminism; Shopping God Moloch; Women own 65% of West Wealth, 67% Taxes mostly go to women- salt in the wound.80% of home expenditure controlled by women; driving disrespected men to suicide, euthanasia, gendercide, depression, abortion and contraception; denying men and society children while not pulling their weight in useless and non-productive 'jobs that stumble men (Justice Department; IRD Welfare; Courts; Laws)' though men pay for them. How long will men and hetero-sexual households put up with this rule of an upstart minority?

1. Fair Balance- voice of the other side of the storia.

2. Men are oppressed in new ways by the New Matriarchy; in the WEST particularly.

3. Failure to address population issues- caused by feminism and barren female leaders- man-haters all; this cannot be denied; Viz Andrea Dworkin, Germaine Greer, Valerie Solonas, Mary Daly, Hilary Haines and so on.

4. Failure to address family issues directly arising from feminist policies driven by barren; childless- or, 'boyless' ideologues who are predominantly - at leadersghip level almost all both lesbian (no child) Jewish, and Marxist; same with their 'male supporters' ; invariably -brainwashed 'millennial' zombies (Very 'fey' - if not outright gay) Socialiste Justice 'warriors (moral cowards)' or have their jobs in the death culture- ie medicine, education or government; essentially being paid by men's taxes to speak against the interests of said men; a very dangerous game if you think about it.

5. Failure to move beyond movement status; which requires taking responsibility for failed technologies like 'renewable resources' while limiting lake levels and stopping dam projects; relying on wind and sun when these systems themselves always rely on costly backups in hydro and gas/coal fired power generation- even nuclear- mainly because, of course, the WIND AND RAIN AND SUN power does not Rain or Blow or SHINE most of the time. If it is sunny no wind dummies! At night no sun idiots! It does not rain to fill the lakes every day Stupid! (Bill Clinton)

That is why Feminism is not philosophy and its major female critics are nearly all actual philosophy professors; these people can think! Nor is feminism a political party. It has no comprehensive economic ideas. Whereas Masculist thinking could very well easily be both a complete life philosophy, an entire successfull brand of new politics and an economic system to rival both Chicago, Austrian, Classical, Malthusian and socialist/keynesian/Marxist economics. Yet is flexibly enough to work supportively together with almost all other systems at these deep, high and politically necessary levels. In other words to paraphrase on of your favourite tyrants; We will bury you! Especially if you oppose us.

6. Printing money brings on WeimarRepublic Mark II, Mark III QE IV and so on with significant counter reactions. (Obama)

7. no criticisms allowed for the above; the inability to cope with contrary data is a classic sign of stubborn illbred ignorance- and the fastest ever track to outright disaster.

 8. Lack of accountability- no mechanism; your own inhouse critics you drove out- Dr Christina Hoff Sommers, Erin Pinney, Dr Warren Farrell, Camille Paglia. Being not 'falsifiable' (cf. the infallibility of the Popes) carries a high penalty: eventual loss of any credibility.

9. Other contrary ideas.

10. The chemical warfare against all men

Male hormone testosterone banned and forbidden to talk about except in the most disparaging terms.

Meanwhile the female hormone in the pill causes a psuedo pregnancy that makes women 'defend' in bitchiness the pups, or brood they do not actually have. It is not Pre-menstrual Tension but their own drug taking. So when they mark boys down we can have them take a drugs test. That is why old school school marms were so masculine abnd correct and proper- they best emulated male masters better performance and fairnesses toward all in the classroom. We can do a drugs test for bitchy immoral teachers. We in fact must do this for them to give the bare minimum best practice in our classrooms for the boy pupils and students. We must ban all bossy and bitchy teachers who fail the female hormones drug test for they are undeniably the ones dumbing down our education system. SAylvia Ashton Warner was a very bad teacher who was very often not in attendance in the classroom. The boys themselves in the classroom were probably fairer and did the work anyway or carried on better than she did. Which strongly suggests boys may do better if female teachers were not there at all.





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