Male Rulers Again

Men must rule once again. Male rulers are the norm throughout history for some very good reasons.

This time with a more certain ideology and a definite philosophy.

So do not mind if we do feel superior. We are; proven so also- for lesbian feminism has completely failed us all. Goodbye feminazi jerkettes!

Revolution for masculine men.

Sick of fighting rearguard small outbreak fires again and again? Miss getting at the root of the big fake socially engineered blaze?

To put it out once and for all;- for that we need theory, masculist theory getting at the root of their insipid blaze.


Radix means root- so what is needed is something beyond Christina Hoff Sommers and Dr Warren Farrell- for whom we can yet thank for data and facts as ammunition in our fight against an alienating divisive feminism. But not for their ‘interpretations’ or solutions.

In the light of certain issues here, men have finally done it. We have defeated feminism. Causing great damage to their entire politics and philosophy. Over two ideas- feminisms disregard for long term economic effects, and for long term population effects. Masculist thinking wins with these effects; actual real data and tough reality checking paradigms; real power, total power, fully acknowledged and publicly recognized power has to be restored to men. It is absolutely imperative for Western survival; especially first world survival. Just legitimate cultural survival- not supremacist Europeanism . The rights of any people to possess their own indigenous culture like any other of the Global human family of nations. Feminism depends on ‘affects’; emotion driven arguments and other headline grabbing deceits. Data destroys drama. We CANNOT abide matriarchal feminism any longer; it is destroying all of us, men, women and families. Feminism must end. Now.

This website is interested in one thing.

Creating Winning Arguments & Debate Points to Finish Feminist Ideology Forever.




  Men must rule.


  NB: Note-there are other arguments on this website as fatal to feminism as this one.)

Radical masculist theory dispenses with feminist thinking entirely- we do not trust it. Its facts are ‘cherry picked’-you know what that is? It means they select the very few isolated minority examples from a hundred question survey; highlight ten in a report, all of these ten favour the case they want to make; then out of the report further highlight just the two very ‘best’ of all for their case, presented in a press release- this is what goes out to all the media.

A simple communist like propaganda exercise. Only this time all men suffer.

Naturally the best data for any mens case is kept out of view in the seldom seen, requested or viewed original full survey results. This is the entirety of feminist data collecting methodology in a nutshell. Needless to say all this is in womens control. Thus all feminist data sources, information, surveys etc are completely bogus.None are to be trusted. No men are included except by accident. Thus all feminist data is skewed by over fifty percent from the outset. It is merely institutionalized bigotry, discrimination and prejudice against men.

Feminism is a hate crime; pure and simple.




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