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Rhetorical Governance: Twelve Ways the Politics of Supposed Good Intentions Fails its Followers Always.

And everyone else as well.

Ooops, now I'm a criminal in Norway.

1. The highest of high taxes.

Socialist governments always end up taxing the poor more through the mechanisms of confiscation, denial of services, denial of freedom and through inflation and the printing of money. What the Obama administration falsely called 'quantitative easing' which was nothing less than running the printing presses night and day; therefore increasing the illusion of wealth in his nine years of office as much as the previous five or six presidents had done throughout their entire careers. Without improving the jobs economy or the financial basis of the manufacturing economy at all. This is Mugabe territory. It is an illusion. The easiest sugarcoated way to destroy any economy. No socialist government ever fails to have recourse to this mechanism. Locking the society in a time warp of perpetual irrelevance. Meaning that when a more sensible government wakes up it has to catch up with a decades equivalent of mismanagement. Socialist governments are a terrifying time where everything flows backward. No one is better off and everyone is worse off except for one elite group as shown by the election recently of a socialist city council that immediately increase the rates of the people who did not vote for them as punishment and paid themselves an immediate increase in salary. This is typical of corrupt socialist behaviour. All diehard socialists are so corrupt there is not a single exception in the real history of actual socialist government. The mute graves of over four hundred million of its victims bear testimony to that in the twentieth century alone.

At the national level we have an impending socialist populist government backing onto an entire history of socialist governments in this country whereby the real tax rate has increased above 67%.  GST, ACC, Income, Rates, plus other compulsory fees and charges or extractions. That is, that for every $100 the average worker earns by the sweat of his brow.  Or the hard yards of thinking his way through a pile of unnecessary and soul destroying  paperwork (their favourite economic philosopher being Keynes who said 'make work did not matter if you dug a hole and filled it in again'; welcome to Gulag thinking!'). Exactly 2/3 of his money taken away immediately for income tax, property taxes or rates, goods and services or sales taxes, withholding taxes, compulsory accident insurance, and other compulsory fees, charges, taxes, subscriptions and imposts. Mostly to pay for things directly opposed to his real interests like feminist driven policy captured by the female privileged elite.

Yep, this is what an actual feminist did to her son because of HER feelings about anti-feminism.

Many women have aborted children because they were boys without having to tell either the father or anyone; this thing will redound. She should be prosecuted. What if a man did this; note how he would not be proud of it and show everyone; Feminism empowers infanticide, murder and abortion with its death culture. It can have only one cultural reply to stop it. An outright total ban on feminism as a hate crime. Then we would have no need for masculists. That is the only legitimate way to get rid of us.

  Plainly when so much of your money is confiscated by the state in the name of serving you then what does remain to you and what manner of life can you have? When all you have left in your own hand after the state has taken most of it, is the pittance of the one third remaining. That is the very Marxist bogey of 'alienation & subsistence' is it not. Done entirely by your very own government that you most probably voted for. More fool you. They are laughing all the way to the bank. With almost all your money. It is lucky if any man ever receives any benefit from it. Most pensions are captured by women as they live longer. Most of the health vote is given to women constantly going to the doctor. And today most education money is given to unfair female teachers who will deliberately mark boys down for feminist ideology reasons. Yes, that is right; they will mark your son down a grade because he is a boy. On your money (as men pay the most tax). Can we not see how biased, bigotted and unfair that is? While pointing these injustices out is called our 'Hate Crime' even by New Zealand Judges. Surely with all this unjust suppression of mens true and natural rights an explosion of well justified fury is coming. Not that I advocate that mind- just to observe how inevitable it must become sometime.


Out of that one third remaining $30, (of the hundred) or only $300 out of the average weekly income $1000 (this is the vast majority of your average worker mind you) – this is not some weird fringe group, this is the life of the ordinary person who pays and pays, and pays, under a socialist government. Out of that remaining $300 you are supposed to pay your mortgage, your few food items, your travel expenses and clothing for the workplace for the employment you supposedly "enjoy". What little remains. No wonder you are in debt. Try sending your bills along to the MP, or to IRD, or to the city Council. Perhaps the Mayor will fork out on your behalf? Why would one bother to work at all? And to whom does it go apart from mostly to the bureaucrats and the politicians. It goes to support poverty continuing as poverty, and unwell behaviour continuing as unwell behaviour, it goes to support lassitude laziness and uselessness. How can such a state function? Of course with your two thirds money- that's a whole whack of money they have taken from you – and all glory goes to the state; in state project this, on state project that, all paid for on two thirds full of your suckers wage, or on your salary: is this not theft on a grand scale? All revolutions are founded on the expropriation of the means of production in order supposedly to save you from alienation and from living a subsistence lifestyle. That is classic Marxism. As you see it has now very well turned itself into something else. Something, like scholasticism, sophistry, fashion, culture, postmodernisn that can 'prove' anything, be anything, speak anything- like contemporary politics- say anything, promise anything, deliver anything is worse than useless. It is not a tool for thinking. It is a tool of lies. It attached itself to you like propaganda. Repeat it often enough it becomes the truth (Goebbels putting this saying into the mouths of Jews). This is how advertising works. Let the buyer beware. Marxists criticise western consumerism for this as 'their' political champions are particularly lousy at making cellphones and cameras etc. Yet they too always fail to apply this truism: for that is what it is (A seemingly smart observation/reflection by Goebbels who was after all the 'workers socialist party' propaganda minister). To give you the full context. Advertising and propaganda are the same. Propaganda is advertising for a political position, policy, party or ideology. What else can we expect. A sort of licence to tell bigger fibs, selective facts without their entire context and even more enormously inflated lies. Resulting in what we see all around-we get 'more' yet we still seem deeper in debt.

Do you see how this operates? They take almost all the money from you.  Expropriation: you, of course, do not deserve to have it. Very little is left to you.  You are just the muggins who provides it. To pay for the other extraction side of the economy; the false flim-flam 'jobs' given to utterly useless feminists. What a gigantic scam it all is. Real work is needed to be done. Men do it. They pay heavy taxes; more heavy than is really needed. These imposts sap your saps- remove all will, urge and desire from you- dumbing you down- then they give this hard earned money of yours to easy earned safe-cushy jobs, inside, in the city, with subsidized cafeteria (you paid for) a state vehicle- for free-you paid for again (How does that old dungha of yours outside now look to you eh? Theirs is better of course- bought by two thirds of YOUR money do not forget.) You are supporting two whole families more than your own all on those lovely generous taxes you pay so conveniently out of your own pocket. Yet when you require something yourself of state generosity- they give you the run-around right? The teachers sneer at you, the court official is brutal, the tax man unyielding, the feminist (lesbian) librarian all snooty and arrogant. Eh? You have no basis in which to object because it threatens your employment which is possibly and probably in a government agency or as a beneficiary of some kind of that system itself. You cannot criticise for you cannot afford to criticise's. An unexamined life however is not worth living. This we learn from Greek philosophy of the Western tradition. The state then can do as is likes.  You being in the state avails you not; that is if you are a man that has temporally fallen afoul of it. The State operatives can act like bullies discriminating against men in a feminist state as they will and do and have a long inglorious track record in doing so putting more men in prison and a feminist society than there are women though they claim equality. I call this a Matriarchy- paid for by men for the entire unjustified benefit of women. They did not do their part; they did not have enough children. Yet they demand everything from you the man though they hold two thirds of all your money in Government levies as if you are already guilty of some vast unstated crime. That of being a man. Equality for all the sugar and spice things. Oh yes,  more of those! But you boys must work outside, outside of the city, outside of the state apparatus and all its freebies, goodies and baubles; paid by your money, outside in the cold rain and snow of the real economy. Where we can screw you outrageously. Economically, in all manners of speaking. Yet while accusing you eyeing of up our daughters. To keep you in your place. You men are second-class citizens.   The smallest infringement against the feminist elite class will be severely punished by extracting all your blood. Now you know why Goths roam the street. They are not joking.         
Hilary Clinton in Jacindas borrowed teeth. Hilary had hers out for the hustings.
They do say in politics a lot of horse trading goes on....

What remain to the workers in our so-called workers paradise is a debt laden subsistence that comes with its own levels of cultural and socialist poverty. You are meant to feel gratefull for being allowed to enjoy some of your own money back into your hands- such as tax breaks for families with children. Yet it is your own money originally. They only returned to you some of it because their criminal theft of it in the first place for incompetent governance would all the more quickly become obvious and therefore fundamentally breakdown all aspects of our political systems. No, I caution speedy gradualism. A distinctly graded and stepped off retreat from too high a state intervention- back down into far more useful waters as we shall see if you follow these ideas fully out in considering their obsevational outlooks and forlorn as currently here foreseen in current consequences. Must we look on in horror as this unfolds for the new Government? Or shall we all act with resiliant perspicacity; sagely and wisely. My counsel; to move forward by going back. We MUST retreat from ECONOMICALLY unsustainable positions. The Taxes are FAR too high! All things considered. As we look at here. The reader and I. Please read on further and think. For Gods sake and Aotearoa New Zealands sake: THINK! Before it is too too late. Otherwise this Governments popularity will shrivel within weeks if not day. And is then the Governor General to receive another visit requesting the formation of a National Government in Six months with cross-bench elements of the three weaker parties? It could happen.

We do have a form of tri-cameral government in this country- the permanent government of the public service house of socialism; unelected, self-serving and irremovable.The local bodies which when in power under a central government that is also socialist becomes a fearsome Middle House of corrupt tyranny of fascist rent controls, protectionism and banning of all individual efforts at political amelioration. Think of mayor Daley and Tammany Hall. It effectively bans or censors all dissident criticism, questioning or correction. It is a real tyranny. Censoring library books, lifestyles, religion (street preachers; just like the worker socialist Hitler), hopes and dreams of anything departing from the moronic socialist programme. It bans anything independent, free or otherwise in competition ideologically. Free thinking stops dead with these dogmatic idiots.

Phillip O'Sullivan on YouTube showing his theory of population economics- the theory to replace a non-functioning socialist & static classical capitalist (Who Funds the Schools of Economics?) which is the only theory to gaurantee success under socialism, capitalism, anarchism, imperialism, colonialist, military or religious forms of Government.  In other words all Governments have recourse to my economics in a crisis- as if paying obesience to some prosperous-supplier Deity (El Shaddai perhaps?) then once the crisis passes revert to their own fallible little systems of operation. The series of six videos are called 'Open Letter to the New Zealand Prime Minister' and were initially addressed to Prime Minister John Key.