These reasons below can give you some idea of why masculism - masculinism is needed for femininity to grapple with a contending ideology of gender. We are fighting in cruel close chambers for the soul of our identity. The spectre we fight however is a concentrated small elite frightened that we may identify its components and thence analyse ways in which to defeat it.

All men recognize the disgusting toxic poison of which it is aloof. We must confront it intellectually, for it appears so intellectually established, nor be shrinking as to where soluble thoughts, ideas resolved upon a solution may be found. We can think all thoughts valid that are useful to our cause. Left or right we must not hardship; conservative or liberal it does not matter - as lengthy as it serves toward the freedom of men. In order to overcome the iniquities and lies of oppressive feminist matriarchy. An ideology we once entire welcomed as liberating yet now has overcome us as more suppressive of carte blanche in Stasi like political thought police ' cautions ' and other idiotic but thoughtful intrusions into the daily lives of men, making them impossible and intolerable. This is not the fun feminism of 1972 but the bossy girl dominatrix feminist nightmare of 2016.

Masculism has arisen in response to this and is almost a decade overdue.
 Our sex is male. Our gender is male. If you have no gender / sex confusions in media and society you have a virile society. Men are different. Not just ‘in some way’ but in very distinct and uttered ways. We have a right to be heard. We have a right to be here. If we at all doubt this then we have a weak society that bequeath crumble at any threat. Therefore the most powerful way to influence such a society is to threaten it. Yet men are its protectors; how can man live constantly on the alert in a fragile and confused society. What are they and we to protect? Something that threatens us as femininity? Why would we do that? It is a mad expectation to threaten in a nasty way the very people you look to for protection. Would you divide our gender - what if we wake up to that device and our mutual comraderie overcomes your vicious attacks upon us. Is it not inevitable that men can analyse this and locate our enemies amoung our friends. We are everywhere and we will overcome.

 Feminism has done some vitally important damage to female and the masculine gender in threats to our complete plan of life. both for men and women and the works our families, tribes and groups. Femininity spoke entirely alone due to name on behalf of issue and family realities as if in one combined political voice. Manhood have suffered greatly in this regard. Men are now aware. Men are unmistakably angry.


 Men have previously not paid attention because - in a kind of feminist sexism, men have been seeking support and ideological attention from other women exclusively; the sex have not been engaged as a political mass. Thus we have effectively been out of the loop for most of the last fifty years. Very few men were in tune with this as a trend. Nevertheless men had a right to be heard in those important conversations. Half the adult voices in the world were suppressed and subjugated by ferocious female ideologues. Now the agony is too much to hump anymore for those senior and ripen into manliness whose exclamation has been silenced.

 Masculist Pioneers

 Early masculist pioneers included Christina Hoff - Sommers and her book ' Who Stole Feminism ' and Dr Warren Farrell whose book ' The Myth of Male Power ' broke new ground for men in construction for us a politically aware gender tactility akin to that of feminism now women.

 American feminism is currently dominated by a collection of
 women who seek to drive the public that American
 women are not the free creatures we take we are. The
 leaders and theorists of the women ' s turmoil believe
 that our society is best described as a patriarchy, a " male
 hegemony, " a " sexuality / gender skeleton " in which the dominant
 gender works to keep women cowering and blushing. The
 feminists who hold this divisive view of our social and political
 reality believe that we are in a gender war, and they are
 impatient to disseminate stories of atrocity that are designed
 to alert women to their plight. The " gender feminists " ( as I
 shall be calling them ) believe that uncondensed our institutions, from
 the state to the family to the grade schools, perpetuate
 mainly pull. Believing that women are virtually under
 siege, gender feminists naturally seek recruits to sugar
 their side of the gender police action. They seek support. They seek
 vindication. They examine ammunition.
 I have been moved to write this book because I am a
 feminist who does not like what feminism has become. The
 new gender feminism is badly in need of scrutiny. Only
 forthright appraisals can diminish its inordinate and divisive
 influence. If others will join in a true blue and bona fide critique,
 before long a more representative and less doctrinaire feminism
 will again pick up the reins. But that is not likely to
 happen without a fight. - Sommers BOOK blurb
 What is spurious keep from this? Analyse....

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