Feminists kill millions of mainly European citizens; European men sacrifice their own bodies and lives wresting life for them in dangerous daily occupations. What then do they do for us? What return or reward do they give us? Nothing but heartache and despair. They do not deserve the vote. We died for it. They murder our future. New Zealand owes a duty of care to the world to be the first to reverse the community’s destruction. We care, they kill. We bring life. They death. Life must win or all of us are lost. Rise up men. Destroy the ideology of the ones who kill us all. Destroy feminism by whatever means. It is death to us all. It is death to our own indigenous and European culture. Destroy that which destroys us. If you're a man. Freedom awaits! Rise up.

Indigenous Europeans were once 20% of the family of man: culturally honouring their own mana, genealogy, ancestors and whakapapa in Goethe, Mozart, Shakespeare, Milton, Titian, Constable and Rembrandt; Picasso, Schoenberg, Philip Glass, Chomsky, John Ashbury, and Julian Schnabel. Now Europeans are an endangered human species, where such a cultural heritage is dishonoured, forgotten and set aside. We barely remember who we are. Where do you stand, O artist?

Working fodder for feminism is nothing worth dying for or risking lives for ‘equal’ pay. Men deserve more for the risks they run and the responsibility they undertake out of love for their children and families; not for the state to steal their families from them. The nanny-matriarchal state is a rival to men’s estate; literally legally and politically. In the bedroom the state is a rival husband who delivers more money, power and rights to your so-called wife than you can yourself. Rise up men and throw this interloper out of your bedroom, out of your love-life and out of your house.

If we do not have sovereign freedom there where do we have it? Nowhere is a cause for universal alarm and completely legitimate political anger. Things have worked upon us to our detriment. People have deliberately organized an eradication of our cultural group and ethnic pride. Marxist Feminism is practicing its own brand of ethnic cleansing in slow demographic notions, hoping we do not notice.

Phillip O’Sullivan the artist, writer, webmaster and videographer does notice and loudly declares our cultural rights and freedoms. Both as men and human beings. It is our intent to restore our world and the best political environment for sustaining European culture: we must do demographically what other indigenous peoples have themselves the right to do: in order to prosper and grow culturally and economically.

Our European Integument

Masculism is necessary especially for the economic relief of European nations or founded on European peoples. It is the very humanist liberalism (of which a too tolerated Marxist Feminism holds ideological sway, forming the dominant ideological mindset of these nations) that is the sole conscious source of our undoing. Necessary for the health of an otherwise biased, bigoted and intolerant critical cultural theory to undo all its damages.

Presented here is its opposite, in sardonic, parodic and sarcastic form. As critical theory is it thought alone ‘critical’ and simultaneously above criticism of its own propaganda and polemic. The role of critical theory is to be critical: offering, unrelieved, no solutions of its own, as if, magically, it is ‘out of the game': godlike and untested, like some botched religious absolute, intellectually arrogant, and one sided to boot, telling exactly only one quarter of an entirely different and massively suppressed story, (it is always Marxist/feminist), and colossally ignorant of any other literature, procedure or approach. An intellectually dishonest discipline that itself brooks no discipline: a totally phony intellectual pursuit of no value whatever. As it rarely suffers outside criticism of itself. It is decidedly non-reflexive. Or more correctly-non-reflective. A philosophy that does not first establish its own credentials; examining most rigorously its own foundations-is not a philosophy at all-it is an attitude-a fashion. A flamboyant gay jamboree; but never philosophy. That is why philosophy is so hard. The unexamined life is not worth living. It is funny; though the long term cultural results are ultimately not at all funny. Inundation by others; those O so precious ‘others’ who will gladly colonise, us. Where then Zionist arrogance? Down the toilet of civilizations long forgotten. When then too, O Zionista: the integument that supported you, upon whom you preyed? Blood suck another victim! Oh Zion, how foolish! Shinar shall rule you. The thing that you fear will come upon you: false Judah! At Armageddon in the Kidron valley!

50 years of Zionists unceasing, moronic diatribe of complaint against the Free World has seen the European indigenous peoples brought to the brink of outright economic and population collapse. Now is the time of reckoning. New Zealand alone has directly suffered the loss of 2.3 Trillion dollars because of their ideological meddling: an economic crime of seditious and terrorist proportions. Other and larger losses are slightly less directly attributable to Marxist Feminism as we shall see. Nevertheless a major cause of our economic collapse is due to the overwhelming influence and intellectual sabotage of these two malign philosophies. Feminism rapes the world economy.

Feminism is a system of guilt very akin to the Old Catholic Church, or the hypocrisies of Victorian life, or of Mao’s pointless ‘cultural revolution’ with its little red book waving women cadres chanting fanatically. Only this time the common or garden variety of popular feminism functions as a ‘little purple book’. Only that the chanting remains inane and simplistic and just as pointless. ‘Equal pay for equal work’ which sounds Ok until you add ‘equal conditions’– for men’s conditions are often far different; like deep underground, far out to see, longer hours, night time, dark or cold or stormy or dangerously unequal conditions (See dr. Warren Farrell for similar answers) ‘girls can do anything’ (except impregnate a man, or another woman) or the infamous lie we answer here-‘rape is about power’.

Powerful Patriarchy?

If rape is about an ‘all powerful patriarchy’ why do men go to jail for it?

If rape were about power, why are so many men falsely accused of it?

Matriarchy has all the power when it comes to child custody, length of life and unequal sentencing for similar crimes; why not too with rape?

This book is one man’s answer on one series of issues circling about a sexual violation long thought under the complete hermeneutical control of the female feminist matriarchy: ‘RAPE’

Whereby our false accusers dared to call all men ‘rapists’ (Susan Brownmiller: “Against Our Will”) really ninety percent of all ‘real’ ‘rapes’ are caused by serial rapists-that are proven rare-and most men find them repugnant, inadequate or perverse. Not at all characteristic of men as a whole; so feminisms accusations, characterising all men as ‘rapists’ is entirely false, inaccurate and utterly a lie. On the other side are serial false accusers-hysterical women (feminisms own essentialism) who criminally accuse men for attention, drama and POWER! False accusation is about power-not rape itself.

Rape itself is about powerlessness, not, ‘power’ ; done by powerless morons who are enticed by ‘slutty dressers'(so much for the advice of feminism; Feminism NEEDS and creates ‘rapists’-by their advice; in order to keep the funding flow). In other words feminism is dangerous. Feminism is dangerous for women! Feminism creates more rape for more money. Feminism is therefore a form of prostitution endangering women, selling the ‘poor innocent individual woman’ (who is neither poor nor innocent) for the ‘greater good’ of the feminist pimping cause-from which they draw their pointless incomes. They do it for money.

Feminism is ideological prostitution and pimping young females to recruit attractive new lesbians. In rivalry to men. Who are promising marriage and children for the future good of the entire culture? Thus feminism is an enemy of the state, nation or people-in the long run. At some point feminism must end. Or society is over; we shall have no country worth preserving.

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